Beijing urges US to open data American submarine crashes “Mysterious Object” in “South China Sea”

Beijing urges the United States to open information – On October 8, the BBC reported that the United States Navy said the USS Connecticut nuclear submarine crashed into a mysterious underwater object in the Pacific region. on Saturday, Oct. 2, but did not give details of the location of the accident or the number of injuries. just say The injured were not life threatening.

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The submarine and nuclear reactors were undamaged and functioning perfectly. Later it was reported that The submarine is now heading for Guam. United States Territories to investigate the damage and find the cause further


The AP news agency reported that two U.S. officials said 11 sailors were injured, two of them moderate. All were treated while in the submarine. The incident occurred during normal operations. But the Navy had not released the news earlier to secure operations. The object the USS Connecticut crashed into was not a submarine. It could be a sunken ship or container. or other objects

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The incident came amid growing tensions in the South China Sea region, Chinese state media Global Times reported, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said. China is deeply concerned about the incident. called on the United States to provide more details. Including the objectives of the mission as well

The USNI News website, which specializes in the US Navy, said a similar incident happened in 2005 with the underwater US submarine USS San Francisco. Crash into an underwater mountain at top speed near Guam. This resulted in the death of one sailor.

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