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Beijing Winter Olympics, Winter Paralympic Uniforms Show Off – CRI

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On the 27th, the Olympic Winter Games Organizing Committee officially announced the Winter Olympic and Winter Paralympic uniforms in Beijing. Uniforms are a special status mark for service personnel, technicians, and volunteers, and are important carriers for spreading the Olympic spirit, conveying the ideology of the host country, and showing excellent traditional culture and modern development achievements in China.

The Olympic Winter Games uniforms are used by the Beijing Winter Olympic and Winter Paralympic staff, technicians and volunteers. These include three types of clothing, shoes, and accessories. These uniforms, which stood out in this exterior design work of more than 6,000 sets, went through 8 rounds of optimization before and after, both looking good and equipped with strong functionality.

Professor Ha Yang of Beijing Costume University, the main designer of the uniforms for the Winter Olympics, is also the designer of the uniforms for the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics. He says that uniforms are the wind speed that moves in the Winter Olympics.

“First of all, it showed the characteristics of the host country. Each Olympics has a different uniform. We need to distinguish this aspect by the picture color of the image landscape. And we need to pay attention to the appearance and functionality of the times. I adopted the positioning design of , which differentiated it from the general clothes. This uniform is a little bit difficult. Each design has to be positioned independently. At the same time, we paid great attention to the perfection of the figure.”

Because it is a uniform, special attention should be paid to functionality, and in particular, characteristics such as the cold and outdoors of the Winter Olympics should be fully taken into account. Sachunyong, general manager of Anta Sports Olympic Division, said that the uniform is made of high-performance composite material and has waterproof, windproof and breathable functions.

In evaluating this uniform, Professor Oh Hong (吳洪) of Shenzhen University, a member of the Winter Olympic Uniform Committee, said that the design and production made a very big innovation based on the basis of Yi Wang’s experience.

“Chinese traditional culture and our cultural pride are both reflected in this uniform. And we have brought a new breakthrough in both functionality and material.”

The future ‘users’ of this uniform are expected to be 30,000 worldwide. What perceptions do users have?

Yang Yang (楊楊), China’s first gold medalist at the Winter Olympics, serves as the chairman of the Athletes’ Committee of the Olympic Winter Games Organizing Committee. As a crew member, he said he was impressed with the details of this uniform.

“There are a lot of details (on the uniform). The designers have taken into account working outdoors. When working outdoors, you can wear gloves and touch the screen. Clothes also have a pen that you can use. Everyone wears gloves. It can be completed in . And locations where you can carry small radios, etc. These are very delicate considering the functional issues.”

Volunteer Wang Wang-gi, who served at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, said that the uniform is the ‘iron armor’ of their service in the icy and snowy terrain. said there was

“This uniform reminds me of the volunteer uniforms of the 2008 Summer Olympics. The color design is very similar, but they are all white and blue. 2008 was an auspicious design. What stands out in this design is the emblem of the Winter Olympics. It represents the winter of the Olympic Winter Games, and yellow also brings passion and warmth to people.”

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