Being a boxer or a builder is a misfit if you’re as fat as Laleton, that’s not body shaming – Ashwant Kok

Ashwant Kok is a YouTuber who is often discussed on social media. His videos on film and related topics are becoming more and more popular. Ashwant responds to the criticism that body shaming has been mentioned in his videos. His response was in an interview given to Red FM.

‘I’m not body shaming. I know what is politically correct. There is a clear understanding of that. I’m talking about the misfit of a character in his casting. When you become a soldier, a police officer, a boxer or a builder, you need a similar body. But if it comes with as much wood as Laleton, it’s a miss fit. I personally cannot accept it. That’s what I’m saying. And nursery rhymes are not my thing personally.

Likewise the vision in the heart. They say I made fun of them. According to the description given by Vineeth Srinivasan, I felt nothing when I saw them. She seemed like a normal girl. That is not body shaming. People who don’t know what body shaming is say I’m body shamed,’ says Ashwant.

Ashwant also talked about the criticism of Aparna Murali’s character in Kappa.

‘I have not said anything to Aparna Balamurali. I said her character name is Kota Pramila. I can’t change it. I have seen all the films that Aparna starred in after she won the National Award. Now I’ve seen the answer, kappa and gold. In all this they are the same. There doesn’t seem to be any difference between the characters. The expression is all the same.

Aparna’s role was highlighted as Kotta Pramila. What’s funny about this is that they themselves shared this video on social media. Then there is a problem for others. Sometimes they don’t watch the video. Sometimes their PR It might have been shared by someone who shares it,’ says Ashwant.

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