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Being a mother is not easy – all of us children. Said that studying well

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Being a mother is not easy – All of our children, the results of the grades come out until everyone Said that studying is good We do not boast or see what people say. I think we are raising children as other people do. Today, the eldest, he graduated as a doctor, was a grueling profession, and had to sacrifice a lot of personal time. Before being a real doctor Sitting and treating patients Was in his late twenties, and the past personal life was different from others But our son chooses himself He’s happy to do this, and so are the other children.

Since the three of them were children We love to read books. With free time or no free time Everyone, including grandparents and parents, all read books. Read all types of books, not necessarily a book, knowledge, manga, novels, our home has all read if someone asks questions. There was an issue, sitting, discussing, sitting and arguing. Supporting each other is fun. We personally come to think of when he was older that All of our children who say they are good at studying (our three children are doctors, engineering and journalists), look back on what might have come from? When asked us We sit and conclude Get it as an item For someone to try and adapt

Is 1. Not just reading textbooks Read anything Reading is like the basics of life, I say, no book is read in vain. What follows when reading books is to think, sit down, discuss, sit and talk, even writing down the points of a story in a notebook is useful. We have read the words of one writer saying Writing is about understanding your thoughts. To write or jot down what we think We feel it is really useful. It is a review of knowledge. Thoughts and understand what we read Perhaps the thought process is always added and inserted during writing.

2. Our children are not afraid to ask and like to ask questions, no matter who, school teachers, parents, grandparents or anyone else. When in doubt about any matter, they will ask And dare to ask questions about everything

3. You like to do homework To educate oneself beyond what the teacher has commanded since childhood When studying at the university, I read before going to listen to the lecturer. A school book Our child doesn’t care about just that book. But will find related readings Especially the bibliography at the end of the book that the author or teacher used as a reference to write texts Three of our children were looking to read them all. When reading these, it will lead to another book, allowing for far more knowledge and knowledge than the subjects taught.

4. Since childhood When the test is wrong Will find out what is wrong and understand further Our child prefers multiple-choice tests rather than subjective. Because they have explained their thoughts and expressed their opinions

5. Another thing that everyone often forgot is. Tutoring for other friends Basil tutoring is like understanding that we know Do we get it right? Where did we go wrong? We have to find more and organize ideas. Knowledge to be systematically

6. We see our older children practice their own practice. With thinking that he was in the exam room Then use the old exam Or write your own questions and learn to do it It’s like a simulation of completing an exam within the time limit. The next younger brother took the eldest’s method to use. And then they said it worked.

7. How to take lectures in learning at any level Our child did not take a long note. He always briefs Under a short theme Then he understood what it was Many times, I draw pictures instead of those texts. He said it was better than remembering. Our children’s textbooks do not have any highlight pen marks.

8. Our children are good at catching issues Fast and accurate Understand the whole story All caused by training from a young age We often ask our children before they can even read. Like reading a story before going to bed Often ask the child what the story is about Before asking what happened It is training for children to grasp the point.

9. You like to seek knowledge. Whether it’s books, movies, music, after watching, reading and listening to them, they continue to search for the stories that are interested. The words of the characters that catch up on the story that takes place in the movie, such as when children watch earthquake movies. The movie ends, he goes to the library from other places, ask this person what the earthquake caused, or watch a movie about rockets, spaceships, or anything like this, he’ll have fun learning more. Or some songs that listen and like Listen to the same song Interested in how this genre of music originated It is said that what this song is about, what is it, he keeps following it until he is satisfied until he receives a satisfactory answer.

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