Being insulted in bed with a new boyfriend Young man stabbed his ex-wife 3 wounds on his birthday – fresh news

Young fuse broke The grandfather-mother-in-law prevented them from separating from their ex-wife. Line to wish ex-wife’s birthday Instead, he was insulted in bed with his new girlfriend, stabbed him with a knife and stabbed 3 serious wounds.

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On November 28, 21, police officers, patrol district 3, Bang Lamung police station, Chonburi province, along with Sawang Boriboon Foundation rescuers in Pattaya rushed to inspect a house. Inside Soi Sukhumvit 45, Community 5 December, Na Kluea Subdistrict, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi Province, after being informed that a Thai man stabbed his wife with a knife Villagers helped to detain the perpetrators. Please hurry to help stop the incident.

At the scene, Mr Sanya (surname reserved) was found, 57, along with a neighbor. Help detain Mr. Jumpon (last name reserved), 38 years old, the perpetrator. Along with a knife in the middle of a fruit sheath, 6 inches long, 1 book, with Mrs. Wassana, 52 years old, crying and insulting the perpetrators. with regret

Slightly farther away from the house, S.B.B (a pseudonym) was found injured by a knife stabbed in the ribcage and back, a total of 3 wounds, severe food. Rescuers provided first aid. Before being transported, he was taken to Bang Lamung Hospital for further treatment.

Ask Ms. B’s eyes. recount the incident Before the incident, he was cleaning the house behind the house. and granddaughter sitting in the house selling at the scene of the accident which opened as a grocery store I don’t know when Mr. Jumpol came in. I could only hear the voice of my granddaughter crying. with pain So he hurried out and saw Mr. Jumpon standing holding a knife. with his granddaughter lying on the ground in a pool of blood so shouted for help from the neighbors Let’s help each other to control Mr. Jumpon with the items.

Mr. Jumpol confessed to stabbing his ex-wife with a weapon. until seriously injured because of anger and stress The eyes of the ex-wife and the mother-in-law prevented them from separating from their wife even though with 3 children together

before the accident, which is the ex-wife’s birthday Line to wish him a happy birthday When we’re online, let’s talk – let’s talk. Instead, his ex-wife was insulting him as a man. “Having a sexual desire Now I really want to have sex with my new boyfriend.” Angered, he stopped chatting online. and caused anger to invade and use a knife to stab his ex-wife several times until such serious injuries

The police officers of the District 3 Patrol Police Station, Bang Lamung Police Station Detained Mr. Jumpon Send investigators to prosecute alleging that “Attempt to kill someone on purpose”


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