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Fight Belgium again? Dibney says the team is too old for teammates to fight back…

The Belgian team, who won third place in the last World Cup, did not perform well in the group stage of this World Cup. They lost to Morocco 0-2 in the second round, casting a shadow over their prospects for qualification.

It is worth noting that the Belgian team seems to be in conflict again. Belgian midfielder Dibney(Kevin De Bruyne)Said this team is not as good as the one in 2018 because the team is getting old.

Dibney’s words appeared to raise the displeasure of the 35-year-old Wettenham veteran. Asked if the team was too old after the game, he said: “I don’t think we created chances in offence. Lots of ideas, but it’s non-negotiable.”

Wettonham(Jan Vertonghen)He is the player with the most appearances in the history of the Belgian national team. He said: “This is not enough. No chances are being created up front, almost nothing is being created. The attack is very poor. Maybe the front court is too old.”

In addition to Wittenham, there are many veterans in Belgium, Verhenton’s long-term defensive partner Ida Villet.(Toby Alderweireld)Already 34 years old, defensive midfielder Wei Su(Axel Witsel)32 years old, but both are still elected. Dibney and Hazard(Eden Danger)They are all over 30 years old, and Xia Sat cannot play in Real Madrid.


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