“Bella Ranee” reveals the secret that she had been tricked into hiring. Super peak didn’t think to meet like this.

“Bella Ranee” reveals the secret that she had been tricked into hiring. Super peak didn’t think to meet like this.

Is a very beautiful and talented heroine who has worked for these fans to follow support a lot, but who knows, has ever been deceived into hiring a job that’s really peak hard for “Bella Ranee Kampen” The News has been revealed through EP. “Bella and the manager revealed! Secret story of the entertainment industry Ploy and Bell EP.10 [ENG SUB]” Via Youtube channel Ploy and Bell

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By the way, a manager like “P Ploy” has revealed that they are together mainly because of work and have a memory of working, so I want to share with each other and some people do not know and have never spoken anywhere. Before, having been deceived to go to Chiang Mai at the beginning that he was a manager, had little experience, didn’t know anything, saw who hired him and went to the deposit contract, he didn’t do it. There were people who worked and got beautiful makeup from Bangkok. The machine has a car to pick me up to the event. When I turn into the event, I feel confused. Where is the signage going? There is only a small platform located outside. The area is completely empty. Why is there no one?

On the side of “Bella” saying that it is a fair, there must be a lot of shops. In conclusion, there is no event. “Pe Ploy” continues to say that the deposit cannot be arranged and has to comfort those who rent the space in the booth again. It turned out to be like People say that they will organize a space rental event and have hired an organizer to hire celebrities to come together without anything happening. It’s an experience that must be cautious. If the manager asks for a lot of details, you must understand. because I’ve been hurt, I’ve seen a lot of things

“Bella” has revealed that her part is standing confused in Dongunji. Once she had to work in a foreign country, she had to stand and take photos at the seaside and there were shops selling seafood. A lot of people look and look like the sea, the ocean is beautiful, they say that they will take pictures there, which when standing on top of wow, the view is very beautiful, but before walking to the point where the photo is taken, you have to walk through Dongunji. So many piles of people had to walk away and wear high heels. Halfway, people came to say that it wasn’t an animal, it was a human, even exclaimed, Oh my god.



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