Belle Nanthita: The Shocking Journey of a Talented Singer’s Life in the Entertainment Industry

Thai Singer “Belle Nanthita” Announces Separation from Husband and Return to Thailand

Los Angeles, United States – The shockwaves reverberating through the entertainment industry are centered around the renowned Thai artist, Belle Nanthita. Known for her incredible vocal talents and hit songs like “Voice Change,” Belle had taken a step back from the limelight to reside in the city of Los Angeles with her Japanese businessman husband for over 5 years. However, recent updates to her life have revealed a significant change. The singer took to her personal Instagram account to announce her separation from her husband, emphasizing her intentions to maintain a strong friendship. With her sights set on returning to Thailand, Belle bids farewell to her American abode.

Belle Nanthita’s message on Instagram stated, “We have chosen to redefine our relationship, transitioning from spouses to cherished friends. This new arrangement opens doors to different possibilities. When two individuals struggle to harmonize, it’s essential to follow our own paths and give it our all. I am grateful for every experience life has thrown my way. See you in Thailand.”

This heartfelt message prompted an outpouring of support and messages of encouragement from friends within the entertainment industry, as well as an influx of well-wishes from her devoted fans.

As a notable figure in the Thai music scene, Belle Nanthita gained prominence after her impressive stint on Thailand’s Got Talent Season 1. Her captivating performances of “I want to know but I don’t want to ask” and “Unloveable,” where she showcased her astounding vocal range, garnered her millions of views on YouTube within just one day. Progressing to the finals, she eventually signed with Sony Music (Thailand) and released her first single, “Changing Voices,” at the end of 2011. Belle also demonstrated her acting prowess by appearing in the critically acclaimed film “It Gets Better, He Did Not Ask to Come to Love” in 2012.

Fast forward to 2018, and Belle Nanthita exchanged vows with her Japanese businessman husband, Steven Hiroshi Imamura. However, after spending five years together, the talented artist recently revealed her divorce from her partner, leaving fans and industry insiders stunned.

the shock of the entertainment industry “Belle Nanthita” two female singers with good voices owner of famous songs “Voice change” who had previously faded from the industry to live with her Japanese businessman husband. in the city of Los Angeles United States for more than 5 years, recently updated her life, announced her separation from her husband Only good friends are left and about to travel back to Thailand

“Belle Nanthita” Posted a message via personal Instagram, stating, “Reduce the status of husband and wife to be good friends. It is good in another way. When people can’t get along We must follow whose path it is. And do our best. Thank you for every experience that happens in life. See you in Thailand.”

After posting such messages friends in the entertainment industry Including many fans who came to send many Belle.

For “Belle Nantita” is a Thai artist. Famous for participating in the competition Thailand’s Got Talent Season 1 is eligible to perform singing “I want to know but I don’t want to ask” and Unloveable with alternating female and male voices. made the video of the program which is posted on the YouTube website It had more than 4 million views within a day of its broadcast. And through to the finals later, Bell signed a contract with a singer under Sony Music (Thailand) by releasing the first single. “Changing Voices” at the end of 2011 and also starring in the film It Gets Better, he did not ask to come to love, which was released in 2012, until 2018, Bell rang the wedding bells. Married to a Japanese businessman, “Steven Hiroshi Imamura” after living together for 5 years in 2023, she came out saying she was divorced from her husband

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