Ben Anderson: 5 can't miss games for the upcoming Jazz season

Ben Anderson: 5 can't miss games for the upcoming Jazz season

CITY SAL LAKE – Monday, the Utah Jazz released its 2019-20 schedule.

After the busiest summer since Dennis Lindsey took over the organization, trading with Mike Conley Jr. and signing a number of other participants, Jazz is featured throughout the year.

And the season just over two months away, these five games that can not be spent for the upcoming Jazz season.

Jazz makes their first tour of the season in game 2, traveling to new Los Angeles Lakers. LeBron James is paired with Anthony Davis, who may have been the most talented team member since joining the NBA 16 years ago.

The Lakers paid a very great price to get Davis, launching the pick pick lot Andre Hunter and post-picking overall Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram, along with Josh Hart and selecting draft compensation for this. multiannual MVP candidate. The crazy part, it may be worthwhile for Davis if he is entitled to the ship for a Los Angeles franchise.

Danny Green, Avery Bradley and Jared Dudley, some former soldiers, have created Lakers supporters, but they will need former Utah University to put Kyle Kuzma forward to the next stage of development. to provide the real roster. The roster is associated with those players full of question questions, including former Stars DeMarcus Cousins ​​and Rondo Rajon, but they were not very useful last season.

The Jazz gives the Lakers early in the season, which could be a great situation – before they prove as the season progresses. Early victory would provide evidence that Jazz can compete with top league teams.

The Jazz could be said to be the most demanding test on the road, assuming the 76ers Philadelphia on the second night of a back-to-back game against defending the birds. The 76s renovated their roster this summer, they lost All-Star Jimmy Butler and JJ Redick sharpshooter, but probably the Hall of Famer Al Horford added.

Traditionally, Donovan Mitchell struggled with Philly, often pushing commanders with commander Ben Simmons. For his career, Mitchell is a 33% shooter from the floor and 17% in his 3 point shooter per 76ers, the two livelihoods against any franchise.

The 76s seem to be a competitor to come out of the East with Kawhi Leonard entering the West. And this seems to be a scheduled loss for Jazz, coming from the second night of back-back; however, the best teams in the series gets ways to win impossible games, and this will be a great road test for Jazz.

In the middle of November, Derrick Favors of former Jazzman and your favorite crowd returns to Salt Lake City with his new roster Pelicans, and is likely to start with Zion Williamson. Favors has been one of the most forgotten players for a long time, as he is playing with Rudy Gobert, the Defense Player of the Year twice. Favors in their own right are often a high level starter but sometimes it was hidden in courtesy initial pairs.

Williamson may not be ready to spread the floor very much to change Favors, but both should make one of the front offices in each of the rows.

All-Star guard, Jrue Holiday, will lead the Pallets and will be against Conley in Utah. Ingram, Ball, and newly-acquired Hunter fill the Pelicans roster as they plan to polish the purple and gold of the Lakers.

The Pelicans could compete for a playground this year, and there should be great basketball among the sticks throughout the board. To make the game more difficult for Jazz, it comes on the second night of back-home at home after playing the Golden State Warriors.

The Jazz comes from long All-Star breaking with home games back against the San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets. Both teams have the opportunity to compete for the play shows this season, and the rockets have the number of the last two course courses.

This rocket team should, however, look completely different after they have guarded the future of the Hero Hall, Chris Paul, who traded for another Russell Westbrook Famer Hall. James Harden will continue to lead the MVP race, but with Westbrook, it is likely that there will not be many shows for Rocket support cats to stay in operation during the season.

Westbrook is a great talent, with the best motorcycle of the league, but it is struggling with efficiency during its career. Westbrook lost an athletic stage but the entry price is always worth. This game will not be different and may have playoff implications at the end of the season.

The Jazz goes up its season with a home game against the Denver Nuggets, a second night of back-back against Oklahoma City the previous night. The play games in 2019 were surprised by the nuggets and were one of the finalists in the Western Conference Competition before they defeated the Portland Trail Blazers.

Nikola Jokic is one of the best centers of the league and is a major aggressive offense in Gobert's defense. Conley and Mitchell matchup with the company's rapidly developing court backdrop, Jamal Murray and Gary Harris.

Denver's lottery last year should be added to Michael Porter Jr., who lost his entire rookie season with a rear injury. If Porter Jr can reach his enormous potential, the nuggets are a dark horse championship contest, and the title of the Jazz itself is expected. Both teams should choose to win more than 50 games, and this final game of the playoff matsups season could be determined.

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this article incorrectly quoted the play Houston Houston on February 2. This has been corrected. The first wrong name of Josh Hart was an earlier version of this story. It is corrected.

Ben Anderson is a contributor to, continued on Twitter @BensHoops. Listen to 2-6, Monday to Friday with Kyle Gunther on ESPN 700.

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