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Ben Davies? That the new Liverpool defender

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Liverpool are willing to pay £ 2 million, or about £ 76 million, as a compensation for Preston North End in the purchase of top defender Ben Davies to join the team during the final turn of the month. This January

To grab Davies to join the team in addition to “Reds” will lose money. They also have to send the young Dutch defender Sepp van Denberg. Going on loan at Preston, the 25-year-old Liverpool’s acquisition of the 25-year-old should help solve the injury-centered center-back problem.

Who is Davies?
Ben Davies is an experienced player at the age of only 25, having played 135 league games for the agency and has continued to star in the 2017/2018 season. Player at Preston Can’t sell at all

Good blood kicking stars There is a contract left with Preston North End for just 6 months. And referred to the opportunity to extend the contract to stay with the agency Because he is looking for opportunities to play for the top teams in the top league.

Ben Davies?  That the new Liverpool defender

Davies had just opened talks with Glasgow Celtic, with “green and white” manager Neil Lennon at the time confident he would get the signature of the player to help the team’s defense first. Until the deadline to close the winter football market on Monday, February 1.

In the end, it looks like Lennon’s dreams and Celtic supporters are on the verge of fading as Liverpool are now on the cutting edge to grab Davies to help resolve a dire defensive crisis. Due to lack of important center-back Because he was hit by an injury

Why did Liverpool have to sign a defender?
The center-back injury problem is Liverpool’s most staunchly stoked this season, as Fabinho and Joel Matip are recently named in the squad. And that is why Klopp had to find support in the defensive game to help the team.

By the way, “The Reds” have suffered serious injuries since the start of the season, starting with Fergil van Dyke and Joe Gomez, resulting in Klopp having to use Fabinho. Coupled with Matip, but some game stars kick Cameroon. I had a disease attack, so I had to use Jordan Henderson to stand as a defender.

Ben Davies?  That the new Liverpool defender

Yet in their latest game against West Ham, they have suffered a concurrent crisis with Fabinho and Matip, meaning Klopp has only natural center-back Nathaniel Phillips and Reeseville left. Liam’s for this reason, the German boss. Therefore had to use “Hendo” to visit as a pair of Sandersback and “Nong Nat”

Even if they do a good job But if viewed from the truth, the offensive line of the “Hammer” is not so scary that it requires much exertion. As a result, Klopp, who previously said he would not buy a new defender. Needed to find a professional center-back to help the team.

As a result, the lottery went out to Ben Davies, who had extensive experience and successive top-flight prestons, the players were also able to play at left-back.

What kind of play style is Davies like?
At 6 feet 1 inch, or about 185 centimeters, Davies is not a massive center-back. If compared with the defenders in the elite city league with a body that is both big and thick Suitable for heavy loads.

These, however, were offset by Davies’ other potential, first of all, the ability to drag the ball from back up. He has an element of being a modern center-back with a strong mentality. And can play still when having to transport the ball up from the backcourt Including opening long balls

Ben Davies?  That the new Liverpool defender

Davies also has several main smart passes. This “The Kop” followers are often seen from their defenders such as Van Dijk and Matip, for example. In the body, although not large, he is excellent in physical use. Able to deal with giant strikers with ease

Davies had no problem dealing with the big offensive lines. In which the players use a sharp reading method And being smart about using your body even if it’s at a disadvantage As a result, he is always able to steal the ball from any opponent, even inferior in appearance.

Will the £ 2 million payable be wasted?
Although Davies has never experienced a game higher than the Championship, his talent has impressed Liverpool, especially with speed. And dragging the ball from back up to the front As well as being able to stand at the center-back position on the left side Or the left-back is good

The cost of just 2 million pounds (about 76 million baht) and bought to fix the trouble when Van Dyk and Gomez healed his injuries. Will it be protected? This is a question that followers “The Kop” may have. Because if the two did return, Davies would have just had a spare tire.

Ben Davies?  That the new Liverpool defender

However, with the potential of the players I must say that just £ 2 million is really worth the long term investment. Because, forgetting that the Reds’ center-back position is often disrupted by injuries, having Davies as a support is a great decision.

At the same time, when the player is known to have experienced his career at Anfield, if in the future Davies rarely get a chance, “The Reds” can sell him for more than £ 2 million. Possible

Experienced and ready to handle tough games in the Premier League.
Davy joined Preston’s youth team at the age of 11, where he made his debut for the agency six years later in a match against Coventry City in January 2013 and made his mark. Was quite impressive

The club, however, opted to send him his pace to level up at York City on loan, followed by Tranmere Rovers, Southport, Newport County. And Fleetwood Town before returning to the agency mother And became the latter in the age of Alex Neil

Ben Davies?  That the new Liverpool defender

The 25-year-old England defender has continued to experience Premier League games for Preston over the past four seasons. And, of course, the results of his work are quite interesting, otherwise Glasgow Celtic would not be aiming for a boost before being cut off by Liverpool.

Although the player has never played in the top league game, the elite city But the rich experience in the ages Having said that, this is a purchase of a defender to resolve a number of interesting challenges for Liverpool.

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