Ben Kuzma: Jacob Markstrom has worked to destroy those doubts

There is no extension of contract extension in the end in an improved Canucks boot case

Jacob Markstrom puts a shot against Dallas Stars on 17 March.

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To find out where you are going, you need to know where you were.

The rocky road Jacob Markstrom traveled from an inconsistent start to indifference towards the media, to secure his position as a target customer for Vancouver Canucks, that is why he moved from the most valuable player to the NHL transferring club.

And that is why a reasonable contract extension saves and removes the 29-year-old stopper, who made 44 Sunday as a 3-2 shooting win in Dallas and has left a year on his deal, it's not a chief scribe no longer. It is not incredible – even with Thatcher Demko, 23, obsolete as the latest goalkeeper in the future and Mike DiPietro in the developed shadows.

Amongst those with at least 40 years starting this season, Markstrom is linked to the eighth in targets against the average (2.71) and tied for a sixth in a safety percentage (.915). He has accepted goalie coach Ian Clark, instructor that he will stand closer to encouraging faster movements to and from the jobs.

Its tracing has also improved, it ensures that it reacts properly and is better positioned for calves behind the net. In front of him, he is not too committed to the first shots, his reactions are sharper gloves and he is not so fragile on the short side.

And those soft, early goals and those shots that seemed to go three ways are being rejected. And for a man who often takes off to knock to get pucks on dumping, it's more helpful to track stocks.

Clark calls on reverse tracking. Markstrom has one skate on every job with pads along the ice and his body in the middle. It goes from side to side, rather than stuck on one side and moves back and forth. It works.

However, together with a stopper, Markstrom has his moments. Being a beginner is a different animal. Preparation of the ice, and from the ice, whether in rehearsal rituals or diligence outside the day, is as important as night-game preparedness.

Markstrom approved five goals on 16 shots on March 9 against The Vegas Golden Knights and began this season for the first time. He replied through five goals to let in his next three starts getting 2-0-1 and involving the management.

Markstrom is also better at post-match care to handle the attention. He even apologized to this reporter for a short time back after a home ice loss to Arizona on February 21. Real growth.

But, even when its temperature rises, you must respect a beginner who is not afraid to speak.

Jacob Markstrom takes a water break during a Canucks training camp at Meadow Park Sports Center in Whistler in September.

Jacob Markstrom admits that he has difficulty in cooling down after loss, but he does not live on them for days afterwards.

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Markstrom had no memory in November with six direct losses. And with Anders Nilsson injured, it was the ninth consecutive beginning of an unusual 5-2 loss to New York Islanders in Brooklyn, N. N., on November 13. He was hit by a reserve from the corner and was a goal.

His feelings went on top there as the third straight and fourth in a five-game club.

“We have had a lot of competitors on this team – I have included myself – and I went, too,” said Markstrom. “I'm not smiling after every loss. You can be crazy for a while, but you can't be bleak about a game that happened last week, or two or three days ago.

“It's tough, however. Especially with social media, it will lose (even) it, even if you don't want to look at it. You see it and it's so easy to remember. We must adhere to each other. ”

Markstrom did so and won his first six in December and eight of those nine months. It added greater consistency, despite the lack of support at merit and the power play.

So what does all this mean in the big picture?

Markstrom has another year on a contract with a $ 3.6 Million US salary peak and the Canucks could easily stay to another point the next season before it extends. More time would be given for the starter to confirm its status and the team would have peace of mind that it is a great risk.

There are stretched comparisons between Markstrom and Frederik Andersen from Toronto Maple Leafs and Martin Jones from San Jose Sharks. Each of them is 29 years of age, but they have different bodies of work.

Andersen has two years left on its five-year extension with a $ 5-million peak and a modified trade-free clause, saving this season – 2.75 GAA, .918 percentage – comparable to Markstrom. Andersen, however, is 22-16 in the postal season as well as 2.61 GAG and .9 saves a percentage.

Markstrom has not yet started an NHL playoff. His demand for the posting season was to block the Utica comets to the final in the 2016 Calder Cup. He spent 2.11 GAA and .925 saves a percentage in 23 postseason AHL tours.

Jones has left five years on his six-year contract with a $ 5.75 million peak cap and a modified one-off clause. Its numbers save this season – 2.91 GAA, .898 percentage – it's not great, but it's 22-18 in the playoffs with 2.07 GAA and .926 saves percentage, including backup of Congress final to Congress Western 2016.



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