Beneath The Paradise suggests revenge under the perfect life of ‘I Gia’ who came back to work. The screenwriter Kim Very Soon of the Penthouse

Igea coming back with new performances for fans to follow soon by returning to work together Screenwriter Kim Very Soon again in a new series ‘Pandora: Under Paradise’ Having previously worked together in the series The Penthouse

Pandora: Under Paradise It was previously known informally as Lady or First Lady It tells the revenge story of a woman who tries to discover the truth behind her past. after losing her memory and realizing that her perfect life is being manipulated as part of someone’s grand plan

Of course, this performance was highly anticipated. both actors casting led Lee Ji Ah Lee Sang Yoon join Jang Hee Jin Park Ki Woong a Bong Tae Gyu and it is also a work that has a well-known creator like Screenwriter Kim Very Soon Writer of the script for the popular drama series. The Penthouse join Director Choi Young Hoon behind the direction of the famous comedy series One of the Woman also

From the leaked poster the character’s appearance has been revealed Hong Tae Ra (played by Lee Ji Ah) who looks at something with angry and angry eyes while holding a gun And there was a blood stain on the white nightgown. Along with the message on the poster suggesting the mastermind behind it.

“My perfect life is someone’s plan.”

Get ready to open Pandora’s box to find the truth together on March 11 on tvN and you can watch the first trailer in the clip below.

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