Benefit from the Covid-19 crisis that we did not expect

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4 Dec 2021 04:20

The positive side of COVID-19 Well, it’s not a waste at all. Covid-19 epidemic that spread throughout the world Despite causing quite a number of impacts and losses, on the other hand, COVID-19 has created a new phenomenon in what was previously missing for humans in the era. Digitalization like this

The changes that have occurred. First of all, we have found that the air around the world has improved, less toxic dust, less toxic fumes. because when people are not traveling not doing activities in daily life Transport is reduced, cars, boats, planes, pollution sources are less used. Of course, the pollution is less. From a recent NASA satellite image. There is a projection that clearly shows that the values ​​of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and PM 2.5 are significantly reduced. Moreover, rivers and canals, the seas are clearly cleaner. From the clearer canals in Venice when there were no tourists and ships roaming as crowded as before

Second, eating habits improve. People have become more concerned with hygiene, eating hot food, using serving spoons, washing their hands regularly and wearing masks. Carry alcohol gel to wash your hands to prevent germs. which before this behavior was very slack

Third, people have more time for their families. When I’m not going anywhere, I have time to pay attention and pay more attention to those close to me than before. And also to the community, society, where people are becoming more attentive to each other. social responsibility cooperation and join forces to help each other without discrimination of race, color

Fourth, there has been a change and a new culture was born. For example, in Europe, almost the entire continent has adapted to a new greeting culture, such as bumping elbows. Or turn to Thai Wai instead of handshaking or hugging and kissing on the cheek.

Fifth, people are starting to focus on the economy. Not superfluous. People are more aware of spending. At the same time, it has entered a more online life mode. Business, work from home, online teaching. became the new normal and finally found Even the consumption of entertainment, movies, games and series created about the epidemic is gaining more attention. Even old movies like Contagion, which is about a businesswoman who unwittingly carries germs back to America. After shaking hands with a chef in Macau From the popular 270th in the same genre. But now it’s in the top 10 on iTunes. Plague Inc, one of the mobile games in which players have to create a germ that can spread and destroy humanity around the world, is very popular. Netflix has released a semi-documentary series. “Pandemic” last month. Uncovering the truth about virus preparation and prevention which makes me know We humans are still not good enough to deal with new virus strains.

These are the benefits of the Covid–19 crisis that we truly did not expect.

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