Benin ranked 72nd out of 180 countries and in the Top 10 in Africa

Transparency International published, Tuesday, January 31, 2023, the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2022. Benin has made a leap in the fight against corruption compared to the year 2021.

With 43 points out of 100, Benin moves from 78th place (2021) to 72nd place in 2022 out of 180 countries, according to the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2022.

In Africa, Benin ranks 8th tied with Senegal, Ghana and South Africa, according to the CPI published on January 31, 2023 by Transparency International.

Benin thus joins the top 10 of the continent in which the Seychelles (70), Cape Verde and Botswana are leading with 60 points.

The majority of countries in the sub-Saharan region have made no progress against corruption, with their level remaining the same and almost all (90%) scoring below 50, according to Social Watch.

“Transparency International calls on governments to prioritize anti-corruption commitments, strengthening checks and balances, guaranteeing the right to information and limiting private influence, in order to help the world break free from corruption – and the violence it entails”

The CPI ranks 180 countries and territories on a scale that ranges from zero (0 = high corruption) to one hundred (100 = no corruption), depending on the degree of perception of corruption in the public sector.

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February 2, 2023 by Ignace B. Fanou,
Marc Mensah

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