Beňová as a stylish godmother. Luxurious outfit, christening

MEP and well-known face of Smer-SD Monika Beňová (55) shone in an elegant model from the workshop of a well-known fashion house during the ceremony, when she became the proud godmother of the young daughter of ex-tennis player Dominika Navara Cibulková (34).

MEP Monika Beňová took on a very pleasant task over the weekend. She became the proud godmother of 5-month-old Ninka, who is the daughter of former tennis player Dominika Navara Cibulková. The politician informed about it a few days before on the social network. I returned from Ružomberok last night, where it was fantastic with you again. In the morning, I took Leuška to kindergarten and I’m going to the office. On Sunday, the christening of beautiful Ninka awaits us, and I will have the wonderful role of godmother.” rejoiced with politics.

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Beňova’s VACATION in CYPRUS: SINFULLY expensive OUTFITS and little Lea, who STUNNED even the POLICEMAN!

The baptism of the former tennis player’s daughter took place in St. Martina. On this festive occasion, you Beňová really dressed chic outfit and at the same time bet on simplicity and elegance. The politician, who loves fashion and often appears in expensive models of well-known fashion brands, remained true to her reputation. At the christening, she showed an absolutely famous model of beige satin dress from the Australian brand Zimmermann. The tying at the waist accentuated the silhouette of the politician, who boasts a great figure thanks to regular sports. “Christenings were amazing,” added Beňová to the pictures where she is in the company of his partner lawyer Ľubomír Klč.

However, Beňová also enchanted with interesting accessories. She appeared at christenings with a stylish hat with a net, by which she brought a touch of aristocracy to her outfit in addition to elegance. Hers are also worth noting suede pumps with large strass decoration. Political tak bola without a doubt, unmissable at the event and certainly turned all heads after her. After the christening, the MEP also published several pictures with her daughter Lea in the baroque garden near Bratislava Castle, where the guests moved after the ceremony.

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Beňová WELCOME the Gorals in Strasbourg in a HOT PINK dress! SHE PAYED A CRAZY amount for a TRENDY outfit

The christenings of Cibulk’s daughter were carried out in a grand and pompous style. The celebration was held right in the courtyard of the Bratislava Castle, where a lavishly decorated table, crystal chandeliers and luxurious decoration in white color awaited the guests. The tennis player performed in a white luxurious outfit from her court stylist, also complete with an elegant fascinator in the style worn by members of the British royal family.

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