Bento “Do not inform Son Heung-min’s information”

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The World Cup in Qatar is just around the corner.

The national team is about to play its first match against Uruguay in five days, and Son Heung-min is also increasing his chances of participation by gradually increasing the intensity of training.

While foreign media were searching for a training ground, wondering if Son Heung-min would participate, coach Bento issued an order to calm down Son Heung-min’s physical condition.

Depending on whether Son Heung-min is involved or not, the opponent can devise a pre-adjusted strategy.

Reporter Kyu-mook Kyu will report from Doha.

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Heung-Min Son joined training from the first day after arrival despite concerns about recovery from surgery.

From training focusing on balance and physical strength to sprinting and passing games, he has now started handling the ball in earnest.

Even touching the face guard from time to time, the intensity of the training gradually increases.

However, information about Son Heung-min is very limited as only 15 minutes of training is released to maintain security.


“Jin Soo-hyung said, ‘You must run 14km. Heung-min will run 7km.’ I said that as a joke, but that’s what I’ve done well so far (co-op play), so I think I’ll work hard.”

Some foreign media, including CBS Sports in the United States, predicted that Son Heung-min’s injury recovery would be the biggest variable, and that it would be difficult for Korea to advance to the round of 16. He even visited foreign reporters with the training ground to check the physical condition of Son Heung-min.

[스테빙 피터/AFP 기자]

“I keep touching the mask every two or three minutes so that it doesn’t flow, but Son Heung-min will be in a slightly uncomfortable position now. It could be a problem with his performance.”

[토마스 필립/’더 선’ 기자]

“Son Heung-min is not 100 per cent fit, but he is a very important player for the Korean team and I think he will play. If Son Heung-min was British, he would have been selected for England. ”

The director Bento became a little sensitive to this interest.

An order was given not to reveal Son Heung-min’s physical condition or training content to the outside.

The media briefing including daily training was also postponed.

Instead, we focus on improving the team’s integrity by gradually increasing the time of the tactical meeting to almost 30 minutes before practice.

The national team will hold two final training sessions today to check their organisation.

As the opener approaches, the tension in training camp grows.

This is MBC News Gyu-mook Kyu from Doha.

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