Benz Punyaporn encounters a strong play, gets poop in front of the house, can say it, but has to be conscious!

Benz Punyaporn meets a good man, throws poo-wrote a curse message to the front of the house, expects to be in the drama of a young lady, but has to be conscious.

Benz Punyaporn

Image from Instagram benz_punyaporn

The work doesn’t stop at all for a young actress, Benz Punyaporn, after just having a drama with her feet on the console. causing people to think that they disrespect Mae Yanang until I apologized almost immediately

Most recently (January 12, 2022) Benz girls still get hit again. After someone with good hands put excrement in Pampersma spa in front of the house. until the feces are soiled in front of the house Plus on Pampers also wrote a strong curse message that “It’s so bad, it’s dizzy.”


Image from Instagram benz_punyaporn

by the Benz girl, it is expected that the person who does it should be in love with the drama “Slut Flower Opera”, which the person playing is the worst, which the Benz girl also stated that “Whoever is mean can do it with Pun. Bring _ to throw his house. In drama, but we have to be conscious. You don’t have to be this much. Punya is scared. I don’t know if you’re a slut, bring your nemesis or bring you bang. #Is this the year of the brew? I’m confused!! #There’s nothing stopping

At this event, friends, celebrities and fans came to comment and were very shocked and said, “Hey, it’s too bad. Do you have a camera, hey.. What’s that? It’s too much.” Watching dramas. I don’t know how to distinguish. I’m too in. If I can’t do this much, I can’t. Look at the surveillance cameras. #Fighting. I’m rooting for you, etc.

Benz Punyaporn

Image from Instagram benz_punyaporn


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