Benz ready to decorate, waiting for his girlfriend to ask for a chance next year. Otherwise, you must be single.

Benz ready to decorate, waiting for his girlfriend to ask for a chance next year. Otherwise, you must be single.

There was not much news about love. for an actress Benz Punyaporn Poonpipat Recently, I met him at the ceremony of worshiping the drama Dong Dok Mai in the courtyard in front of the GMM Grammy building Reporters asked for love. Whether he is close to getting good news or not The actress cheerfully replied, “Still waiting for him to ask (do you have a plan?) just make plans. But I have to talk to the guy (smile) (What is the future progress we are talking about?) Really, just talk about what is happening. But not going to speed up anyway. I’ll have to wait for the guy to see how he does. But Benz said that when he came out and said this, he would put more pressure on him. Why doesn’t he get married? (laughter)”

Shows that our love has evolved to another level, right?
“Yes, it was discussed, but it was a matter for the future. because we don’t know what it will be like We don’t want to go expecting much. I’m very sorry Let’s say it’s in the right place first. And if there is anything that has really progressed I will tell you later.”

Feelings think they are the right person for each other?
“He’s an adult. And he can consult on all matters because he is older than us. And with the fact that we have been talking about the 3rd year, this year is now the 4th year, so I feel there is an opportunity to develop to another level. And with that we are seriously discussing this issue. at our age talking to him is fine. He wanted to have a family. So I have a feeling it’s time now. But he may not be able to answer right now, what day it is, what month it is, it’s just a preliminary discussion.”

Have you said it shouldn’t be longer than a few years or so?
“For Benz, it will only be next year. But if not this person, then it’s better to be single (laughs) I’m tired Well, I don’t want to wait. We feel it is about the future. And marriage does not answer everything in our lives. But we will have a conversation We have to wait and see how it will turn out because really, our hearts can change all the time. And it depends on the situation from day to day. Depending on the fine tuning, let’s make it real until that day. There must have been some good news.”

Why do you think it has to be within the next year?
“With my age This Benz speaks of our own age. and we are women too We must also provide clarity for ourselves. and talked to him Asked if I was under pressure or stressed (laughs) that it was time for both of us to be together (when you put too much pressure, stress or worry about you yourself?) It’s fine now, assuming it’s next year or maybe. expected or if any changes have been made.”

time to interview Have we told our girlfriends?
“It’s okay, he says he understands. Because he himself knew it was time for him to take another step forward that he would have a family. (But if we ask this year, we won’t get stuck, right?) Not stuck (laughs), but everything must be masculine. (And on the father’s and mother’s side?) His parents and family are very cute and he loves us like a child.”

If you get married, family plans come full circle. Have you all planned for the future?
“Yes, if it goes according to plan. Benz has wanted to have children for a long time. So I have a feeling with age ‘Cause it’s almost here Otherwise the eggs are all shriveled (laughs) (not deposited the eggs?) Not yet.”

Most celebrities who have children often have problems?
“I’m scared too. We haven’t planned to lay eggs yet. But when the man said he was ready to move on to have a family We think we can try both sides first and then deposit. But Benz is normal. (If we get married, we want to have children, right?) I want them. Let us get married first. Should we go and ask him myself, or what? (laughs)”

Who was teasing before that she was pregnant?
This is the “Dong Dok Mai” stack. Well, there was a period where we filmed a drama for 7 days and we ate a lot. really eat a lot And the pile of clothes can’t be zipped. Not a single one (laughs) and it’s almost over. Send a picture to your mother. My mother teases me that she deserves it. He’s like a little pregnant. It’s been a month already. Mum’s not shocked. To be honest, she wants a grandchild (laughs). Well, he laughs and the younger siblings in the group are those who filmed that clip. P’ Benz said, go down, it’s funny. At first, I was afraid that there would be drama or not. Will it be another issue? He already knew we were at the top and going down. Everyone laughs. Everyone writes to tease Benz. Let’s reduce some (laughs).”

And our lovers, after seeing the clip, how are they?
“She laughed and said she was a bitch (laughs) asked if she liked it. He probably doesn’t like it that much (laughs) because he’s a sports fan. He wants us to go to the gym more. But recently I’m tired, so I eat a lot. I’ve only added 2 kilograms, but now I’m down. But Benz himself likes it if it’s soft, it’s fine. Since we are small people, it really doesn’t come out at all. it goes out belly Our legs are still small. As soon as we drain it, it goes down quickly (laughs).

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