Benz’s husband hit “Nong Ying” to death pay compensation Please think about the quality of insurance and buy a car – fresh news

Former Chairman of the Buriram Lawyers Council The husband of the Mercedes-Benz driver hit a Nong Ying student, a 4th year student of law, died. Ask the insurance company, what is the intention and why do you pay the compensation? pointed out that the court had decided the case was not joint negligence

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On December 1, 2021, from the case of Miss Patcharapa Kreem, 21 years old, student at Buriram Rajabhat University. Bachelor of Laws, Year 4, died after a Mercedes-Benz crashed into a motorcycle later it turned out that Benz’s insurance company refused to pay 2.5 million in damages, stating that it was joint negligence. Ready to report the fault of the Benz driver with them. is the father and mother of Nong Ying for fraud, even though the court has ruled that the Mercedes-Benz car is at fault and the OIC has an order to pay the compensation

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latest on this Mr. Chotiwut Kieninsiri, former chairman of the Lawyers Council of Buriram Province And the husband of the Mercedes-Benz driver hit a Nong Ying to death, revealing that at this time, the details of the allegations of the insurance company are still unknown. which must go into detail that “What is the intention of the insurance company?” How much evidence does it have? because of the past from the witness object both the condition of the motorcycle and images from the CCTV clearly pointed out that the unfortunate Did not come out of the alley as claimed by the insurance company

until there is an opinion of the investigating officer and prosecutor until the court’s decision has been made. until the final case This issue should be asked to the people’s brothers and sisters. who saw this news before whether it is appropriate for the company to revert in this manner In the past, most insurance companies would pay immediately. But if you are interested in entering the court process Then the court decides that the company will pay everyone.


except this company It’s the first company I’ve ever seen. admit that i’m tired and has withdrawn the service of this insurance company One part wants to leave it to a general car sales company. with a free insurance promotion should analyze the services of that company Don’t just expect a commission for this Benz. Employees of the company are the ones who recommend and pay for themselves, but they don’t think things will escalate to this extent.”


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