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Original title: Bergomi: An coach led Real Madrid to create a miracle Dybala is the right person for Inter Milan

Bergomi: An coach led Real Madrid to create a miracle Dybala is the right person for Inter Milan

Live it, June 27th. In an interview with a reporter from the “Republic”, Inter Milan star Bergomi talked about the Serie A league last season, the Italian team’s performance in Europe, and Dybala, and expressed that Atlanta and Juventus last season. Behaving disappointed yourself.

About last season

“Verona, Torino and Sassuolo have all surprised me. Inter have had a very good two months and Milan have been solid and it was no accident that they won the title. Also, Napoli played great games. .”

But the Italian team’s European performance is still not ideal

“Roma won the Europa League. Two years ago, Inter reached the final in the Europa League. In the Champions League, there are fewer interruptions and a faster pace, and the gap between us and the other teams is getting bigger and bigger. Big. There is a gap between us in terms of technology and tactics, especially the gap with the Premier League teams is getting bigger and bigger. The credit for Real Madrid winning the Champions League is Ancelotti, Ancelotti led Real Madrid to create a miracle.”

Which team’s performance do you think disappointed you?

“Atalanta struggled last season. Now, if Atalanta retains Gasperini and builds the team according to his ideas, then I believe that Atalanta will make a comeback in the new season. Last season, because there were really many tasks , the team is in a serious injury situation, which has cost Atlanta a lot.”

“Also, I was disappointed with Juventus coached by Allegri, but they were without a centre for a long time, and Chiesa was out for a long time due to injury. If Juventus were in the Italian country in the second half If they can beat Inter in the derby, they will only be three points behind Milan.”

And then we talk about the teams that were relegated last season, and to be honest, did you think these teams were relegated at the start of the season?

“I really didn’t expect Cagliari to be relegated, but I think it’s the right result considering how the teams have performed throughout the season. Cagliari played against relegated Venezia in the last game of last season. In the case of Salernitana’s 0-4 home loss to Udinese, Cagliari did not score a goal, and finally drew with Venice and lost the last chance to avoid relegation, which really surprised me. “

Do you think Dybala would be the right man for Inter?

“Yes, Inter fans want No 10s like Corso, Becca Rossi and Recoba.”

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