Berkeley County Development Board officials were examined | West Virginia

Berkeley County Development Board officials were examined | West Virginia

MARTINSBURG, W.V. expire at the end of the month.

Berkeley County Council Vice President Dan Dulyea, the council's representative on the board, and Jim Barnes lost the vote, which comes just over two weeks before the end of the nine-member term.

The current board bye-laws began voting on Wednesday, and Dulyea said that he had previously expressed concern about the timing. He suggested that the official election should not take place until the new fiscal year begins on 1 July.

The general mission of the development authority is to facilitate business growth in the county.

The following terms for board members are due to expire on 30 June: t

• President Nan Stevens

• Mayor Martinsburg George Karos

The term of Vice President Helen Harris does not expire until 30 June, 2021.

Board members are appointed by the county council to serve the terms of three years.

The county council Lewis was reappointed to a new term on Thursday, and Karos was reappointed to a new term last week.

The council is responsible for appointing a state representative, as well as a representative from Hedgesville town, W.Va, and the business, industry and labor sectors.

The remaining decisions on the appointment of a board will be made by the end of the month, Dulyea said.

Dulyea stated that the board at one seat will be reduced to a panel of 15 members as part of a review of development authority subsection which comes into effect on 1 July.

Before Wednesday's vote, Dulyea reported that the election of officials was pending “very short-sighted” because of the possibility of a change in board membership.

Barnes said he did not believe that he should vote on the election of a board officer unless he was reappointed.

On Wednesday, Dulyea said the Hedgesville representative on the board must also be revisited due to the resignation of Mayor Mary Ann Keller Pile in March.


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