Best Champions League ... Comebacks feature Liverpool and Manchester United - Article

Best Champions League ... Comebacks feature Liverpool and Manchester United - Article

Both sides entering the City Stadium on 1 June can be legitimately opposed to some of the major European sides seen during the rich history of the competition.

Before this contact between Tottenham and Liverpoowe are running a series on the European elite competition called ‘Best Ever… 'and on this occasion we are examining the solo performances that have won the competition.

Cutting the list to five is a very difficult task and one of the five chosen requires the best place.

But here we hope the top five solo performances of the European Cup / Champions.

1. Ronaldo | Manchester United v Real Madrid | The second half of the Champions League 2003

Many players do not get the ritual at Old Trafford, but he deserved a fantastic Ronaldo exhibition when Real Madrid set Manchester United at the semi-final.

After reaching 3-1 in the first phase at Bernabeu, Sir Alex Ferguson's side needed to score but Ronaldo put it in a place, spinning from Rio Ferdinand and hitting a ball hitting Fabian Barthez at the time. close to the job.

The Brazilian movement was a nightmare for the protection of the United States. He was not pushing back or tracing back but he was just joking at dangerous jobs, preserving his energy – vital for a player who forced his generation to lose two years of football – before he exploded with behind at the right time.

His poaching instincts came forward goals for his second, responding faster when Roberto Carlos was playing, he was handed to reach a ball beyond the target.

There was no surprise that United defenders would see when O Fenomeno got possession in the middle of the field, facing the goal. He used Luis Figo as a pioneer, and left him before he went on to his right, bamboozling Wes Brown and dumped a tidy effort from far to hit Barthez.

He limited the trick-thrick perfectly and the home support succeeded in agreeing to recognize him when Ronaldo was given 23 minutes instead of time.

2. Ferenc Puskas | Real Madrid v Frankfurt Eintracht | The European Cup Final of 1960

Only three players have ever won a score in the European Cup final. It is very hard to have one of them and not match the ball sitting in your trophy cabinet but that is what happened to Alfredo Di Stefano in 1960.

Ferenc Puskas trebled under the legend of Real Madrid who bought four against the Frankfurt Atom at Hampden Park.

Hungarian scored a top left from a rigid angle for the first time, changing a controversial punishment for his second and placing a third header on his third. He saved his quadruple with the choice of the lot. Turning on six pence inside the area, he breaks his effort into the upper corner with his left.

He even had time to set up Di Stefano to achieve his goal of trick. It was a fantastic display against the incredible side of Frankfurt, despite the score of 7-3 – the German outfit scored 12 goals on the Scottish Rangers championship in the semi-finals.

Puskas is the only player still scoring two trophies in the European Cup championships, repeating the war in Benfica in 1962.

3. Roy Keane Juventus v Manchester United | The second half final in the Champions Championship

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Every time Roy Keane is reminded of his heroes in Turin, he seems to be almost guilty. Was he supposed to give up? Did he give less in other games? I commend this display in their presence on your own risk.

Still, the unsympathetic and unassuming character of the Irish was the architect of many emerging US people and one of Juventus's 3-1 places was to book in the final. of the collection.

After 11 minutes in Italy, United United 3-1 followed an aggregate with early courtesy of Filippo Inzaghi. Keane, who speaks header from the corner of David Beckham, drew back a back for the Reds but the biggest contribution was yet to come.

Ten minutes after scoring, he was booked for Zinedine Zidane, which meant he would lose the last if United were going on but he suddenly fought to get his side there anyway.

Keane competed in the midfield with Zidane, Edgar Davids and Didier Deschamps in opposition. Dwight Yorke made a balance in the 34th minute before Andy Cole's winner sent six minutes from the United United through 4-3 overall.

The United skipper did not take part in the glorious night at Camp Nou but their contribution to Turin is still one of the most important moments in the team's winning season.

4. Gareth Bale Between Milan v Tottenham Champions League 2010 group stage

BeFunky-Collage - 2019-05-21T180845.666

Gareth Bale was already on his way to staring at Tottenham but this performance began with his meteoric rise at a global level, leaving people like Real Madrid up and notice.

Within 10 minutes at the Sano San, Spurs had two goals behind and a man was sent down as Heurelho Gomes out in the process to surrender punishment. But it was even worse when Dejan Stankovic and Samuel Eto made it 4-0 at the break.

Bale then got the ball on the halfway line, exploded Maicon and Javier Zanetti and into the box before driving their shot into the long corner to score one of the individual Champions League goals. He showed great speed again in the 90th minute before a flat finish and then he finished his hat-trick in injury time, hitting that bottom corner again with a first strike.

Spur lost the game group 4-3 but Maicon was one of the best backgrounds at the time and must leave a Bale scene flying at him that he is still getting cold.

5. John Aston Manchester United v Benfica | The 1968 European Cup Final

The history books reflect the names of George Best, Bobby Charlton and Eusebio. Stories are told about the celebration of Brian Kidd's wild target, the importance of Alex Stepney and Dennis Law who are injured from a hospital bed.

But the Man of the Match exhibition by John Aston in the 1968 European Cup final was the performance of extraordinary heroes.

After coming through the stages with Best, his style contrasted sharply with the wonder and temperament of Ireland. His wing on the other side was enthralled by his enthusiastic and enthusiastic wing and he was frightened of Benfica in the Wembley final.

During the 4-1 win after extra time, his left and the left side run on the left flank – a Kidd goal – which made all the difference. He did not get on the score sheet but when he was a pioneer on the side on his own side, he brought Adolfo's back attack on the right side for 120 minutes with lung-lung tights, he pushed down one point of the back -line until it was cracked across.

After the final whistle trainer Benfica Otto Gloria said: “I put plans to deal with Best and Charlton and the other stars, but no one warned me about this Aston boy.” T

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