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Original title: Liangpin Shop and Michelin Star Chef to explore new flavors of nuts

On December 27, the leading brand of domestic casual snacks, Liangpin Store officially announced that young actor Peng Yuchang will serve as the brand ambassador and the new year’s golden election official. At the same time, at the Michelin restaurant on the Bund in Shanghai, Liangpin Shop and Michelin-starred chef Chen Zhiping presented a creative star lunch with golden-selected big nuts as dishes.

Exploring new flavors of nuts with Michelin star chefs

In order to meet the needs of gourmets for high-quality and flavor exploration, this year’s New Year’s Festival, Liangpin Shop and Michelin Star Chefs will explore creative ways of eating high-quality nuts through cross-border cooperation.

As the first winner of the Michelin Young Chef Award in Shanghai, the one-star Michelin restaurant Yu Bund chef Chen Zhiping, who is well versed in the essence of Fujian cuisine and is good at using seasonal ingredients. This time, the “Michelin Star Chef Golden Selection” luncheon jointly created, is big, fresh and granular. The complete good product Jinxuan Big Nut has become his first choice for “star selection ingredients”.

At the event site, Chen Zhiping took “food-based, following seasonal changes” as the source of inspiration, and presented two creative dishes to the guests: pine nuts and white truffle crab meat, fresh and sweet crab meat and fragrant white truffle, supplemented by selected artificial picking Since the wild pine nuts of Changbai Mountain, the characteristics of pine nut milk, fragrant milk and rich nutrition are all reflected. Another dessert, hazelnut lily and yam ice cream, glutinous taro mash, ice-cold and delicious yogurt powder, mellow and crisp hazelnut kernels, the collision of the two tastes has become the “finishing touch” of the star lunch. Chen Zhiping was full of praise for the nuts from the best shop: “Each nut is big, full of flesh, and high-quality ingredients, which add to the flavor of the dishes.”

The one-Michelin-star restaurant meets the Bund’s seasonal dish hazelnut lily yam ice cream, and chooses Hazelnuts from Liangpin Shop Jinxuan.Photo courtesy of the interviewee

As the food consultant of “The Twelve Ways of the Edge”, Michelin star chef Alan Yu chooses hazelnuts and almond nuts, the main course foie gras parfait with caviar, and the dessert is full of Australian macadamia nuts with lily The mousse white chocolate tower, the creative use of nuts, presents a “multi-play” of taste intertwined with Chinese and Western food culture.

Selected global good raw materials to create high-quality New Year gift boxes

As a leader in China’s high-end snack foods, Best Store takes “deliciousness” as its starting point and adheres to the concept of “selecting good ingredients at the top of the pyramid”. Digitization realizes the full quality control of products and satisfies the public’s pursuit of a better quality of life.

In the New Year’s TVC “Good Product is the Year” this time, Peng Yuchang’s “Good Product Golden Selection Gift Box” with high-end quality, craftsmanship and Dunhuang IP co-branded, became the first choice for high-quality New Year goods in the New Year of 2022.

A gift box of Nuts from Liangpin Shop.Image courtesy of the enterprise

In the golden selection gift box, Best Shop only selects about 650 large-grain pine nuts per 500g. The flesh is full. After strict sensory and physical and chemical tests, it ensures that the fruit completion rate of each bag of red pine is above 96%, and the opening rate is 96%. The above is far exceeding the industry average.In addition, pistachios from California in the United States, cashews from Binh Phuoc, Vietnam, pecans from South Africa and North America at 30 degrees north-south latitude, walnuts from Aksu, Xinjiang…this year’s “Golden Selection” series of gift boxes, selected The world’s high-quality large nut raw materials, and the upgraded process maximizes the retention of the nutrient and flavor of the nuts, so that you can taste the world’s delicious food without leaving your home.

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