Best Twitter Reactions with Kim Kardashian West and a very attractive Kanye West Sink

In Kim Kardashian West's Vogue cover story, She dropped some news (she will be a lawyer, surprise!) and she invited us normals at home that she shares with Kanye West. In an accompanying video, the audience gets a full tour of Calabasas mansion to his family, which Kim describes as a "miniature monastery." We get lots of house, including bedroom (with cameos from Kanye, North, Saint, and Chi), spacious halls, magnificent garden views, and spacious kitchen. There was a quick response to Twitter, with some observers noting the lack of furniture and others surprising at the luxe disturbance of the building.

But one aspect of his house caught particular attention, and they even started an online debate: Kim sinks and Kanye.

I'm upset. I have a lot of questions. Where does the water go? Does someone come to throw all the water out? Is there a drain? Does that dark little spot get the drain? If yes it drain, how does the water go? Do these sinks even work? Or are they just for aesthetic purposes? Is it illusion? Do they magic? Is there water? Is they are … going? What do I do if I have a calf? Am I too drowned to understand this?

On Twitter, others were also confused. Do the Wests have sink covers, or are there small holes in the stone that we cannot see? Is the stone absorbent, in some way? Uhhhhh! So complicated! These are the best explanations, questions and reactions to Kim and Kanye's mysterious sink.

With all these urgent questions and theories, we decided that an expert would be attracted ELLE decor The director of style Parker Larson, the mystery behind Kimye sink …* drumroll * sink covers!

"I would like to say that the new trend in kitchens is the concealment of appliances, things like the sinks, and custom sink envelopes are being created by many designers," explains Larson. "Everyone wants to see the kitchen as minimalist and clean as possible. For example, kitchen companies such as Boffi have similar systems to the Kitchen concept that hide everything in the island.

After all the speculation, Kim finally decided on Instagram. It turns out that there is a small gradient in the countertop which leads to split drain.

"Since everyone is a little confused about the sinks, I thought I'd visit our bathroom a little," said Kim in Instagram's story. "That is the patio we have in the future, our ceiling is a light box. It is the umbrella that suits all our children, and our shower. So Kanye did this. and puts you high pressure on it as you like and no rest will come up. "


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