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The Croatian Football Association (HNS) has published a statement on 28 February regarding the ‘Best FIFA Football Awards 2022’ by coach Zlatko Dalic.

On the 27th of last month, all awards of “The Best” sponsored by FIFA were awarded. The award recognizes the best players and coaches for clubs and national teams between 8 August 2021 and 18 December 2022. The selection process for each award is determined by votes from FIFA national team coaches and captains , as well as journalists and fans around the world. This time, Lionel Messi won the best man award, Lionel Scaroni won the best manager award, Emiliano Martinez won the best goalkeeper award, and the Argentine national team that won the Qatar World Cup has become a rice field monopoly.

FIFA also revealed where to vote for national team coaches and captains at the awards ceremony in Paris. But then it became clear that Dulwich, who should have had the vote, was not on ‘The Best’. The next day, the manager expressed his regret about the ruling through HNS.

“I am disappointed with FIFA’s attitude towards the Croatian national team because, based on everything we have achieved as a national team, we deserve more respect than we have ever received from the football governing bodies of the world. Croatia is the only team to reach the last four of the Qatar World Cup and the UEFA Nations League, winning the match against Brazil, the strongest team in the world, and gaining a place in the world championships. On the front page , together with France, we have won two medals in the last two World Cups, and this year we beat France in Paris and Denmark in Copenhagen, pushing Brazil and Belgium out of the World Cup. Since Euro 2020, we have played 23 games and lost only twice.”

In addition, the director Darich also mentioned each award. Luka Modrić, who was nominated for the best male award, is the only Croatian national to make the shortlist. The commander expressed his feelings about this unacceptable result.

“When you look at the 14 men nominated for the man of the match award, where are the other Croatian players apart from the great Luka Modric? , I don’t want to name them, but the winner of the FIFA Club World Cup, Mateo Kovacic, who had a great run in the World Cup in Qatar, could not be the right candidate? Where: He has been named in the best eleven by most media in the World Cup and the Bundesliga, and Dominik Livaković won the best goalkeeper award, even for his performances in Qatar Wasn’t he eligible to be among the five finalists for ?

“The five finalists for the best coach award are coaches I have a lot of respect for. No one has managed to win both cup medals, and while we congratulate the Moroccan coaches and players for their success in the World Cup, the two games we played are against them. So the first draw, the second time Croatia won the bronze medal.”

Finally, Director Dalic expresses his serious desire to recognize the achievements and facts that made the world go wild despite being a small country of around 4 million people.

“If England, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Italy had players and coaches with results like ours, they would be shortlisted for all kinds of awards in football. Croatia, the Croatian national team, I to want more respect for Croatian players and myself,” FIFA should promote the fact that a small country like Croatia can compete with the big powers of the world. I have decided not to participate in ‘The Best’ this year and of course I would like to extend congratulations well done to the players and coaches who won the awards this year, especially Luca who finished 4th which was a great result for me. , always number one.”

Croatia captain Luka Modric voted for the best men’s award, with Karim Benzema in first place, Lionel Messi second and Kylian Mbappe third.


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