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About two weeks after the release of watchOS 8.7 Beta 1, Apple released watchOS 8.7 Beta 2 for developers.

Beta 2 release for Apple watch OS 8.7 developers

Apple hasn’t released specific details of watchOS 8.7 Beta 2 for developers, but it is believed that bug fixes are the main focus.


Since the security update for watchOS 8.6 provided 18 security patches, it is possible that the security update is the main purpose of watchOS 8.7.

watchOS‌8.7 Beta 2 for developersiPhoneDo it from the Apple Watch app.

[一般]> [ソフトウェアアップデート]Go to and download.

To install, your Apple Watch must have at least 50% battery power and be installed in the charger. You need to be within communication range with a Wi-Fi connected iPhone‌‌‌‌‌‌.

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Reference: MacRumors, Apple Photo: 9to5Mac

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