Bethesda uses a 7-minute short film to show everyone the creative concept of “Interstellar Battlefield”

Into the Starfield: The Endless Pursuit

Less than a year away from the “Starfield” (Starfield) project landing Xbox Series X/S and PC days, Bethesda now has a 7-minute “Into the Starfield: Endless Pursuit” short film. Starfield: The Endless Pursuit), I hope to tell the players in advance about the idea of ​​creating this sci-fi game by myself. In this film, the official introduction of the studio’s development over the years and the evolution of the work brought out the theme of “Interstellar Battlefield” going to the larger stage of space to explore. However, for many people, the concept maps and visual elements of “Interstellar Battlefield” are more likely to be seen.

According to art director Matt Carofano, “Interstellar Battlefield” has a “more realistic, science-based background.” Game director Todd Howard claims that the game can bring players “two moments of clarity”. For general games, there is often only one such moment, that is, the first time the player enters the vast open world environment. In addition to these, the short film did not reveal more details of the new work. However, before the release date on November 11, 2022, Bethesda will regularly release more “Into the Interstellar Battlefield” to continue to warm up the game.


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