Betong vaccination surpasses the number 1 target in Yala province – Thai News Agency MCOT

Yala 9 Aug-Betong Hospital in collaboration with Betong District Public Health Vaccination service against COVID-19 Proactively in villages in Ayer Weng Subdistrict build immune system Aim for 70% vaccination this month

Medical teams, community leaders, religious leaders and agencies Integrate into the area of ​​the Masakkhitham Mosque km. 32 to speed up vaccination against COVID-19 Proactively provide 600 people who are not vaccinated according to the Ministry of Public Health’s policy to promote vaccination. especially the elderly and 8 risk groups to reduce the mortality rate in Betong District Cluster immunizations cover at least 70 percent of the target population after more than 400 cases have been found, with an average of 10-40 cases a week.

Dr. Sawan Kanjana, director of Betong Hospital revealed that Betong Hospital and Betong District Public Health Carry out surveillance, control and prevention of the spread of COVID-19. come continuously Investigate the disease, proactively search for patients, bring them into treatment. vaccination service To control the epidemic and strengthen the group immunity by 70% as the target.

Now, Betong District has the number 1 vaccination in Yala Province. More than 20,000 people have been vaccinated, including the elderly. and risk groups 80.64% vaccinated, 73.1% VHV group and 18-59 age group 52.07% vaccinated, continue to vaccinate all groups. It is expected that within this month, vaccinations will meet the target of 70% and will cover 100%.

Atmosphere throughout the day, there are elderly people 60 years or older, chronic disease patients. pregnant woman And people aged 18-59 years are actively interested in receiving vaccinations.

Dr. Sawan The director of Betong Hospital also said that the vaccination management plan will analyze which areas receive less vaccination and will arrange mobile service units to provide vaccination services, such as Ayer Weng Subdistrict. Than Nam Thip Subdistrict, Yarom Subdistrict, ready to invite community leaders, religious leaders to vaccinate as an example to build morale and confidence in the local people.-Thai News Agency

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