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The adjective “genius” fits Joe Mauer perfectly.

Mauer is a natural athlete, with a tall stature of more than 195 cm, which is rare in a catcher. His hand-eye coordination and bat control ability have made him a super hitter since high school. A clever mind makes him easily competent. The catcher with the heaviest defensive burden; but also a handsome, born winner in life.

Swinging the club easily and effortlessly, like a natural hitting mechanism, with excellent hand-eye coordination, Mauer’s hitting is a unique contemporary.

Mauer’s career is almost perfect. He has all the honors. He has won the MVP, the Golden Gloves three consecutive hegemonies, the 3 hits, the 5th silver stick award, 6 star games, and won a 184 million yuan in 8 years. Big contract, staying in the Twins for 15 years in his career, there is no substitute for the team history in the hearts of local fans. He is one of the most dazzling star catchers of the time, leading the Twin Cities to dominate the divisions several times. What shortcomings does he have…

Next, let’s take a look at Joe Mauer’s career trajectory.

The little fan hiding in the closet has a family who loves baseball

The name of the “Minnesota Twins” team comes from where the team is located. The two cities of Sao Paulo and Minneapolis are connected and are the largest metropolitan area in Minnesota, collectively known as the “Twins”. São Paulo is where Mauer came from and grew up. Because of this geographical relationship, there is no accident. He has been a Twins fan since he was a child.

Mauer (called Joe in this section) had a cute story when he was 4 years old. (Story source)

In 1987, the Twins won the first place in the Western Conference of the American League, and once again broke into the playoffs in 16 years. After defeating the Tigers 4-1 in the first round, he broke into the World Series. The opponents for the title were the Cardinals. Joe’s father, Jake, got three tickets to the World Series. Perhaps considering the age of the child, he took his two older sons, Jake and Billy, to watch the game. The 4-year-old Joe was very disappointed. He locked himself in the closet in a rage and didn’t come out of the closet until his family came back from the stadium.

There is another version of this story. In an interview with author David Brown in 2010, he said: The two older brothers went to watch football with their uncles and aunts, and Joe stayed at home with his parents. But one thing is the same, “But…yes, IveryNot happy, super hot.“Mauer said.

David Brown asked jokingly, did you come out later (from the closet) to watch the TV broadcast? Mauer replied that I persisted for a few rounds, but in the end I ran out to watch.

Joe’s emotions come and go quickly. The Twins fought 7 games with the Cardinals that year, and finally won the championship at home. Joe was so happy. That was the golden age of the Twins. After winning the championship in 1987, he broke into the World Series again in 1991 and won the championship after 7 battles with the Warriors.

“Baseball” is in the genes of the Mauer family. Both father and grandpa have played baseball, and mother Teresa has played basketball, volleyball, and softball. Little Joe has been swinging with a toy bat ever since he remembered. Family members would also tease him, saying that he was poisoned by the major leagues (original major-league stroke) from the time he was packing diapers. By Joe’s generation, the three brothers have been athletes since childhood, dabbling in baseball, football, basketball, and ice hockey.

Father Jake will teach a lot of baseball concepts and skills, and he can also make simple percussion practice equipment. Old Jake designed a curved tube. One end of the tube is at the height of the head, and the outlet at the other end is at the height of the shoulder to the chest. Put the ball from above, wait for the ball to roll to the outlet below, and swing it out when it falls vertically. It is speculated that it can train swing speed, hand-eye coordination, reflex ability, etc. When the right-handed Joe originally practiced left-handed, this hand-made equipment was helpful. After more than 10 years, it will be sold and called “QuickSwing”.

The eldest brother of the three Mauer brothers, Jake, who is 4 years older than Joe, was the object of Joe’s imitation when he was a child. Jake was a local star player in high school and helped the team win the state championship twice. Although the younger Jake was the object of Joe’s imitation when he was a child, after Joe entered high school, his excellent athletic talent allowed him to quickly overtake his big brother, and even became a well-known high school baseball star in the United States.

The world-renowned amphibian genius high school student

Cretin-Derham Hall High School (Cretin-Derham Hall High School, hereinafter referred to as CDH High School*) is located in Sao Paulo, where the three Mauer brothers studied, grew up and left their youthful sweat. Mauer started his high school life in September 1997. Soon, his amazing athletic talent shined brightly. He also played baseball, American football and basketball at the same time, all of which were in the main level.

Basketball is Mauer’s worst sport. He mainly serves as a point guard. He averaged more than 20 points per game in the last two years of high school. At the same time, he was selected to the top three teams in Minnesota for two consecutive years.

In American football, Mauer started as the main quarterback in his senior year of high school, leading the team to the 5A state championship for two consecutive years, and won the championship in the camp in 1999. As part of the individual awards, he won the “USA Today” American Football High School Player of the Year in 2000, and Kateli National American Football Player of the Year in 2001.

Mauer also excels in baseball. As the team’s main battle catcher and core hitter, he has a hit rate of over .500 per season in high school. He has hit 7 consecutive home runs in 7 consecutive games. He has only been struck out once in 4 years in high school. CDH High School in 1998 Won the state championship in both year and 2000. In addition, he has been selected to the national team for three consecutive years. In 2000, he was selected as the best hitter in the Canadian IBA World Youth League Championship. In 2001, he was the best player of the year in the fifth district of the US high school.

In 1999, Mauer was selected for the U18 national team at the age of 16 and participated in the IBA World Green League Championship in Taiwan. Mauer was not the main catcher of the US team that year. The US team played a total of 7 games. Mauer played 3 games and started 2 games, leaving a record of 9 hits and 3 hits.

The IBA Championship was also an unforgettable year for Taiwan. The main lineups Cao Jinhui, Lin Yingjie, Lin Zhisheng (win), Zhou Siqi, Gao Zhigang and Shen Yujie were all future professional baseball players. Relying on the performance of Cao Jinhui, Lin Yingjie, Shen Yujie, You Zhifeng and other pitchers, the Chinese team advanced all the way to the championship and faced the United States. However, the Chinese team’s pitchers could not suppress the stronger American team and eventually lost 9:10.

Speaking of being struck out, Mauer’s high school career is almost insulated from this term. All records say that he was only struck out once in high school. It was an Ike River High School pitcher named Paul Feiner who was shot in 2000. Season.

At the time, 17-year-old Mauer was already a local legend. The starting pitcher for both sides in that game was Feiner vs. Mauer. A pitcher battle was formed in the first half of the game, and in the sixth inning, it was tied 1:1. However, Feiner faced Mauer in the first two times and could not be resolved. Mauer stood in the strike zone for the third time in the second half of the sixth inning. , Meet Feiner again.

After 2 good and 2 bad, Feiner took out his decisive ball type: 12-6 vertical curve. Feiner threw the ball, which seemed to be at the height of Mauer’s waist, and then began to fall. Mauer swung his baton. Miraculously, this time Mauer swung his baton to the ground!

Back in the lounge, Mauer’s teammates couldn’t believe it, and asked him jokingly, is he not feeling well? Feiner rushed off the field excitedly, cheering to the fans of Ike River High School on the first base side, and high-five with his teammates to celebrate, which gave Ike River High School great confidence:If we can win, we can win this game!

However, Mauer did not give them this opportunity. Then Ike River High School was continuously blocked, CDH High School played on the line and won the game 7:1. Feiner didn’t go professional afterwards. His baseball career was over. The moment when Mauer swung away became his best youth memory.

After graduating from university, Feiner was responsible for social marketing strategy in a digital company, and privately operated a fan page called “I Love Minnesota Sports”. In a 2015 home match between the Twin Cities, Feiner applied for a press card and was given the opportunity to enter the Twin Cities lounge. He approached Mauer and talked about the game 15 years ago. Mauer can’t remember the details clearly. They spent a few minutes recalling the events of that day and the youthful past of Feiner’s unforgettable memories. (One of the sources of Mauer High School’s strikeout incident, the second)

After Mauer’s senior year of American football season ended, he originally agreed to go to Florida State University to continue playing football, but finally decided to enter the major league draft. In the draft that year, the most noticeable, besides Mauer, was the USC pitcher Mark Prior. The two cities with the No. 1 pick first considered Prior. Scout Mark Wilson has watched Mauer for almost 4 years, and his opinion is taken seriously at this time.

In this way, this all-around talented high school student from Minnesota became the No. 1 pick in the 2001 major league draft.

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The super newcomer is here, the superstar era of the twin cities

CDH high school coach Jim O’Neill said of Mauer: “It is very difficult for us to judge from Joe (Mauer)’s every move whether he is in good or bad tonight. His actions are quite consistent, which is great for great players. It’s a good thing.”

“It’s very similar to Paul Molitor, another hitter from CDH. They have a very good, very simple swing.” O’Neill said that Molitor is Mauer’s dean. “Because they can’t swing a big stick, they can Follow the ball to the end. Like all things, keeping things simple and concise will reduce the chance of making mistakes.”

Paul Molitor was also born in Sao Paulo. He attended CDH high school. After graduating from college, he was selected by the Brewers with the third overall pick in the first round. He was a famous fast-legged skill in the 80s and 90s. He returned to his hometown team at the age of 40 in 1996. City, and completed the grand cause of 3000 An in the Twin Cities.

The above comment comes from this article in 2004. At that time, Mauer was just a rookie. The coach compared him with Molitor. From our perspective, it is very pertinent. Mauer’s entire career has been based on combat skills and textbook levels. Known for swinging.

Mauer is very smooth in the minor league, and every level is a slaughter grade. In 2001, the rookie league played a full season in 1A in 2002. In 2003, he started with high-level 1A. In the second half of the season, he went directly to 2A. In 2A, he paid the data of .341/.400/.453. This year, he still Only 20 years old, not only was selected for the Future Star Star Game, he was also selected as the minor league player of the year. In addition to his excellent strikes, his defense is also well received. Scouts commented that “strong arms, accurate (passing), reliable blocking, and ability to steal the ball can really help the pitcher.” He is technically ready to enter the major leagues. And Shuangcheng thinks so too.

In November 2003, the Twins made a far-reaching deal with the Giants. The Twins sent out the main battle catcher AJ Pierzynski, and got support pitcher Joe Nathan and two minor league pitchers Boof Bonser and Francisco Liriano. This transaction shows that Shuangcheng attaches great importance to and expects Mauer and directly clears the space of the main battle catcher to him.

The Twins dominated the division twice in 2002 and 2003, but they didn’t go far in the playoffs. They were eliminated by the Angels in the second round in 2002 and the Yankees in the first round in 2003. In 2004, there will be their long-awaited champion, who is about to board the major leagues, and the road to defending the title is quite optimistic.

On April 5, 2004, Mauer completed the preliminary board as a starting catcher, finishing with 5 hits, 2 hits and 2 guarantees. The Twins won 3-2. However, two days after he first boarded the board, he suffered an injury to the inner meniscus of his left knee and had to undergo surgery.

Mauer was recuperating for nearly 2 months before returning to the team until June. In the second half of the season, knee swelling and pain occurred again, and he was forced to shut down early during his rookie season. A total of 122 hits in 35 games, hitting measurements were .308/.369/.570, and hit 6 home runs.

2005 was Mauer’s first full season. 131 games were played with a score of .294/.372/.411, showing mature attacking skills and ball picking ability. He gradually established himself in the major leagues at the age of 22. .

The Twins once again dominated the American League Central Zone in 2004, but unfortunately they were eliminated by the Yankees in the first round. In 2005, they ranked third in the division with 83 wins and 79 losses. The main reason is the lack of line strength. No one’s OPS exceeds .800.

The twin cities of this period can be said to be star-studded. The ace left-hander Johan Santana won his first Cy Young Award in 2004 and maintained the top suppressing power in 2005. Unfortunately, because of fewer winning shots, he missed the chance to dominate Cy Young. Nathan was traded. , Competently took the position of the Terminator, and won more than 40 rescues in two consecutive years; young first baseman Justin Morneau stood firm and started to show the power of heavy artillery; center fielder Torii Hunter is a two-city immovable midfielder, who has been in 2005. He has won the Golden Gloves for five consecutive times, and at the same time he can deliver a hitting score above the standard.

By 2006, both the individual players and team performance of the Twin Cities had exploded.

Mauer began to show his talent and his grades improved significantly. It was particularly hot in June. In the first 10 days of June, the batting rate was as high as .528. From the 6th to the 10th, he hit more than 4 times in 5 consecutive games. He was the first person after Piazza in 1997. The batting rate in June was as high as .452. Such a crazy result, of course, was selected as the best player of the month in June.

There are no unique three. Santana won the best pitcher of the month in June, and Lirano, another player in the Pierzynski transaction, won the best rookie of the month in June, and the three also joined hands to be selected into the star game. Mauer went on to become the cover player of Sports Illustrated in August.

In the end, Mauer hit .347/.429/.507 throughout the season, hit 13 home runs, ranked 6th in the MVP vote, and won the first catcher silver stick award in his career. Hit 4 of 4 on the last day of the season, defeating Jeter’s .343 with a .347 strike rate, becoming the first catcher striker in the history of the American League and the first catcher striker after the Warriors Ernie Lombardi in 1942. Speaking of the last day of the season, Mauer said: “I have never been so nervous in my life and I am glad that when everything is over, we can celebrate here.

Teammate Morneau remained high-end throughout the season, hitting .321/.375/.559, 34 home runs, and scoring as many as 130 RBIs. In the MVP vote, Morneau defeated Yankees Derek Jeter with 306 points with a total of 320 points to win the American League MVP. Although this year’s MVP has a lot of controversy, and there are many hitters who have better performances than Morneau, it is still impossible to deny Morneau’s good performance.

Santana won another Cy Young Award, which happened to be another player who defeated the Yankees. The second place was Wang Jianmin, who was tied with 19 wins, and the Twins won two individual awards in the same year.

But the most disappointing thing is that the first round of the playoffs was eliminated again and was swept out. This time it was not the Yankees, but the athletes. The Twins continued to eat in the playoffs.

▼Celeron, MVP, Golden Gloves, Silver Rod awards, the Twin Cities are rich in personal awards this year

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Before the 2007 season, Mauer reached a consensus with Twin Cities and signed a four-year contract of 34 million yuan, which directly included the years when Mauer was qualified for salary arbitration. However, Mauer didn’t feel as hot this season as the previous year. This year he hit only .293 and only made 7 home runs. The overall record of the Twins was not good, and they ended up with 79 wins and 83 losses.

There were several important decisions in the next off-season. The first was Hunter’s qualification as a free agent, but the Twins did not sign him back; then in February, Santana was traded to the Mets and four players were returned in one breath. Hunter and Santana are of great significance to the Twins. They leave representing the Twins and enter a new generation. Next, the top cards of the Twins are Mauer and Morneau. The future is the era of MM connection.

In 2008, Mauer regained his feel and won the batting king for the second time with a batting rate of .328. At the same time, he won the silver stick award and the gold glove affirmation. It is worth mentioning that Mauer has an excellent grasp of ball selection and batting this year. , Selected 84 rounds, only 50 strikeouts, K/BB 1.68 is the best of his career. Another “M” Morneau paid a .300 batting rate. Although there were only 23 home runs, he hit 47 second base hits and scored 129 RBIs.

The Twins regained their competitiveness this year and once competed among the regional leaders, but in the end they lost 88 wins and 75 losses and lost to the White Sox by 1 game, and missed the playoffs.

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Crowned MVP, the peak year of talented hitters

Mauer has played 4 full seasons in the major leagues and has grown from a 21-year-old boy to a 26-year-old, mature top star.

During spring training, Mauer was found to be inflamed in his right iliac joint. In fact, since the end of the 2008 season, the problem of lower back pain continued to plague Mauer. After finding the problem, Mauer rested for a long time and did not return to the team until early May.

After returning to the team, Mauer started out like a tiger. In the first game of his comeback, he took 3 hits and 2 hits-including 1 home run-to bring the team back to victory. This May was the best month of Mauer’s career. He made 41 hits in 99 hits, including 11 home runs, and hit measurements like monsters of .414/.500/.838. This tiger continues to use it. Destroy opponents with a smooth and elegant swing.

It seems to be a copy of June 2006. Mauer won the best player of the month in May. In June, he became the cover character of “Sports Illustrated” again. In July, he was naturally selected as the star game starting catcher and participated in the home run contest. However, Mauer was eliminated by the landlord star Albert Pujols in the first round, and home runs were not his strong point.

In addition to Mauer, the Twin Cities lineup also has a dense fire net. Morneau has another 30–100 RBI season. Michael Cuddyer has a career-high 32-bomb. Jason Kubel also has a 28-bomb, a hit rate of .300 and a good performance of OPS.907. , The fast leg Span hit a batting rate of .311, an on-base rate of .392, ran 23 base steals throughout the season, and ran back to get the team’s most 97 points.

All the starting pitchers of the Twins this year had an ERA of over 4, and Liriano had the worst season of his career, with an ERA of 5.80. However, the bullpen is very reliable. Patron Joe Nathan is still strong, with an ERA of only 2.10 throughout the season. There are also high-quality relay pitchers such as Matt Guerrier, Jose Mijares and Jon Rauch.

Relying on the line and bullpen, the Twins competed with the Tigers for the first place in the division throughout the season. After the two teams played 162 regular games, their records were the same. Therefore, they played an extra game on October 6 to determine the American League Central throne. Who it belongs to is also a desperate battle to qualify for the playoffs.

The Twins are started by Scott Baker, and the Tigers are rookie Rick Porcello. The game was extremely fierce. In the first half of the third game, Tiger hits in tandem with Miguel Cabrera’s two-point shot to get a 3-point lead. The Twins recovered the lost ground step by step in the next 5 games, finally Orlando in the second half of the 7th game. Cabrera scored 1 point lead with a two-point shot. However, in the 8th round, Magglio Ordóñez hit a bright shot to tie. The next two finishers Nathan and Fernando Rodney did not lose points and the game entered the playoff.

In particular, in this classic battle, Taiwanese left-hander Ni Fude also boarded the board and resolved one exit in 7 games.

The Tigers scored a 1-point lead in the first half of the 10th game, and were tied by the Twins in the second half. The Twins let the bullpen fight, and the Tigers let Terminator Rodney cast all the way. In the first half of the 12th inning, Tiger once occupied the full base, but did not score. In the second half, Gómez first hit the base, and then attacked the first and second bases. Then it was the turn of Alexi Casilla, who did not perform well throughout the season. At this time, he hit the right. In the outfield hit, Gómez ran all the way, and the right fielder could not pass back. The Twins scored an important 1 point and sealed the king at home!

The Twins entered the playoffs with a passionate rest, and their opponent in the first round was the natural enemy Yankees. The two cities were defeated by 2:7, 3:4, and 1:4 in the three games, and were swept by the Yankees. Even though Mauer had a good performance of 12 out of 5 in the three games, he was still unable to help the two cities win. This year, the Yankees were unmatched. They took 103 wins in the regular season to disregard the league. They also passed the playoffs one after another, and finally won the championship.

By the time of the awards at the end of the season, Mauer can be said to be full of rewards. This year, he hit 28 home runs and hit .365/.444/.587 measurements. All three statistics are the best in the American League. Mauer won the annual MVP without any suspense. With 28 first-place votes, he took 27 votes, beating Teixeira with 225 points and Jeter’s 193 points with 387 points. In addition, he continued to dominate the catcher’s gold glove and silver stick awards.

“I feel very honored and humble,” Mauer said after winning the MVP: “There are so many excellent players in the AFC and the major leagues. It’s hard to describe the feeling of being an MVP. It feels great.”

“But I pay more attention to the World Series,” Mauer said, “I would rather participate in the press conference after the sixth or seventh round of the (World Series), and then talk to you about what kind of season we have.

At the peak moment, Mauer talked about his shortcomings. Unfortunately, until the end of his career, he could not make up for this shortcoming, and even the connection was very difficult.

Reconstruction and pain, the final chapter of the career of the Minnesota hero

Before the start of the 2010 season, the Twins and Mauer signed an eight-year contract of 184 million. From 2011 to 2018, it is still the largest contract in the history of the Twins and the largest in the history of catchers. Mauer continued to deliver good results this year. The batting rate was still high at .327. Although there were 9 home runs left, this did not affect his evaluation. The catcher’s gold glove and silver bat award three consecutive wins.

The Twin Cities have been relatively smooth this year, winning 94 wins to defend the US-China championship. By the time Mauer Nianzi was in the playoffs, he ran into the Yankees in the first round and…was swept away.

In the past few years, he has suffered many injuries, especially his knees. After the season, Mauer underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left knee. The recovery condition after the operation was not satisfactory. He missed a period of spring training and barely caught up with the opening season. Mauer fell into an unprecedented low.

After a brief comeback in April, he was put on the wounded list, and then went to the base for extended spring training and the high-level 1A recuperation until June. By the way, Mauer’s elder brother Jake was also selected by the Twins in 2004. He didn’t make it to the major leagues. Later he changed to coach. At this time, he was coaching at the Twins’ high-level 1A.

Mauer returned to the major leagues in mid-June. In order to reduce the burden caused by Mauer’s squatting, Mauer began to arrange for Mauer to start the game as first baseman. In summary of the season, Mauer played in 82 games with a batting rate of only .287, a career low. There were only 3 home runs left, only 53 squats, and 16 games as a first baseman. Try to guard the field.

The Twin Cities have been as difficult as Mauer this year. They swallowed 99 losses throughout the season. Morneau was also injured and low. The foreign aid Nishioka signed from Japan was very uncomfortable. Liriano and Nathan also gave up their lowest career results. . In view of the record, the Twin Cities began to trade some assets during the season, such as the 2010 signing of veteran Jim Thome bought back by the Indians, and 25-year-old outfielder Delmon Young traded to Tigers.

The twins that fans were familiar with in the past began to disintegrate. Nathan and two main hitters Jason Kubel and Michael Cuddyer became free agents. The twins did not sign back. Liriano was traded to the White Sox in the middle of the next season and the twins began to rebuild.

▼Once, Nathan and Mauer clapped, representing the Twin Cities and won again

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In 2012, Mauer promised to resurrect, and he did. He played 147 healthy games throughout the season, hitting .319/.416/.446 in measurements, hitting 10 home runs, the most since 2009, and was again selected for the All-Star Game. However, the Twin Cities still swallowed 96 defeats, and the midfielder of the Midland League was no longer the king.

The Twins began to protect their spiritual leader. Mauer has only squatted 74 games this season, with as many as 30 games starting as first baseman. In addition, there is a major warning sign of the blow. This year, Mauer selected 90 walks to be the most in his career, but he also swallowed a career-high 88 strikeouts. In the past, Mauer used to walk far more than strikeouts and is known for not being easily struck out. This is not for Mauer to adjust his attacking strategy. It is not the kind of pursuit of long hitting and starting to swing a big stick, but a decline. The 29-year-old Mauer is already showing signs of decline.

In 2013, Mauer gave up his star performance, hitting .324/.404/.476 in measurements, hitting 11 home runs, and was selected to the All-Star Game for the last time in his career and won the last silver bat. Mauer only squatted for 75 games this season, and most of the other games played as DH.

Another touching thing is that Morneau, his comrade-in-arms for many years, has been suffering from constant pain since 2010, and his long-term destructive power has also declined rapidly. In 2013, he was traded to pirates and the MM connection became an absolute success.

Since then, Mauer has stopped playing as a catcher. At the same time, his attacking ability has also declined. 2013 was his last season with a 40% on-base rate. The attacking rate was .305 in 2017, and other seasons. Both are below 30%, and for the first time in 2015, they swallowed more than 100 strikeouts in a single season.

Mauer accompanied the reconstruction of the Twin Cities in the next few years and accumulated many career records. Achieved a hundred bangs in 2013, 400 second bases in 2017, 2,000 Ann and 1,000 points in 2018, and the opening game of 2018 was Mauer’s 14th opening match in the Twin Cities, the first in team history.

The chance of Mauer wearing the catcher’s protective gear is officially zero

Great Milestone City Members Congratulate Mauer for Reaching 2000

It’s not just the digital Mauer “thousand points” milestone written

Later, the Twins finally returned to the playoffs in 2017. Since they were wild card qualifications, they needed to play a wild card sudden death match. As for the opponents of the Twins, the Yankees and the Yankees. The Yankees hit the Twins pitcher group early. Starting pitcher Ervin Santana lost 4 points and 23-year-old José Berríos lost 3 points. In the end, the Yankees won 8:4 and advanced. .

The playoffs and the championship have become Mauer’s eternal regret.

Best friends, happiness and parting

After many years of professional career, Mauer’s best friend is definitely Justin Morneau. They have a very good personal relationship. They used to be roommates in 2006, and MM is connected on and off the court.

In the winter of 2011, Mauer announced his marriage to Maddie Bisanz, who also graduated from CDH High School. The two got married in December 2012. Needless to say, the best man has Morneau’s share.

In July 2013, Joe and Maddie’s twin daughters were born, one named Emily Teresa and the other named Maren Virginia.

In 2018, the 15-year-old 35-year-old Joe Mauer’s 8-year contract is about to end, and it is predicted that he may retire. On September 30, the last home game of the two cities this season, in the first half of the 9th game, Mauer was specially arranged to put on the catcher’s protective gear to play. Although there was no real catch, it was enough to evoke the memories of the two cities fans.

After the season, Mauer officially announced his retirement on November 9. Less than a week later, his son Charles “Chip” Joseph was born on November 14. New life will fill his next life.

The Twins officially announced in December that they would retire Mauer’s No. 7 jersey. The ceremony was held in June the following year. Mauer’s name will always follow his back number on the home court of Twin Cities.

When they retired, many players offered their blessings, and the city wall was organized and cherished bye! In this article about heroes’ retirement wishes for Mauer, I personally like Morneau’s words best:

Friend, former roommate, and former teammate Justin Mornearu: “No matter what decision he makes, I will always support him. He is a very special hitter. Fortunately I can watch him play for so long in the “rock zone”.”

MM connection, the classic is not bad.

Mauer’s unparalleled elegance has made a whole generation of fans remember it. Won the throne as a catcher three times, the only one in history; the .365 hit rate in 2009 was the highest catcher record since the 20th century. He is a well-deserved genius and a hardworking genius. His beautiful swing is the reference of countless baseball players, although not everyone has his top coordination.

Perhaps his accumulated data will make his journey to the Hall of Fame very difficult, but it will not damage his position in the hearts of fans.

He will always be the pride of the Twins and Minnesota. He will always be closely linked to this city and this team.

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