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Betting companies excited about ‘3 second swing video’… Woods win Masters ↑

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The sports betting industry was buzzing with tens of billions of won in a three-second video of Tiger Woods (USA).

When a video of Tiger Woods, who was seriously injured in a car accident in February, wielding a golf club at the driving range was released, sports betting companies predicted Woods’ chances of winning the Masters in April next year.

▲ Swing after 9 months of rollover accident… ‘The Emperor of Golf’ released the first video (11/22, during a news briefing by Joo Young-jin)

Sports Illustrated reported that Woods’ winning odds, which were out of 100/1, were lowered to 35/1.

Odds of 35-1 means that Woods bets $1 to win and pays $35 if it hits, the lower the odds, the higher the chance of winning.

The gambling industry rated Woods’ chances of winning the Masters higher than Bubba Watson (USA) with two Masters wins or Phil Mickelson (USA), who set the record for the oldest major win at the PGA Championship.

Eighteen of the players expected to play in the Masters were less likely to win than Woods.

The Masters will be held in April next year, just 14 months after Woods suffered a fatal accident.

Woods is said to have picked up the club again, but it is questionable whether he can even walk 18 holes.

However, this prospect from the gambling company is interpreted to mean that they have high expectations for Woods’ recovery.

Meanwhile, Jon Lam (Spain) is the most likely player to win the Masters, selected by the sports betting industry, followed by Jordan Spieth (USA) and Dustin Johnson (USA).


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