Between drought areas, “Maximizing the use of the four major neglected river weirs”

First visit to Jeollanam-do since its establishment, attendance at Tongyeong’s ‘Susan People’s Day’ ceremony

On the 31st, President Yoon Seok-yeol visits the Juam Control Reservoir Dam in Suncheon, Jeollanam-do and examines the drought situation. President Yoon urged, “We must make the most of the weirs of the four great rivers that have been neglected so far and make every effort to maintain old pipes.” Provided by the President’s Office

On the 31st, President Yoon Seok-yeol visited Yeong-Ho-Nam with his wife, Kim Gun-Hee, one after the other, and took steps to improve the people’s livelihood. After visiting Ulsan on the 9th of last month on the first anniversary of his election, President Yoon, who completed a major diplomatic schedule such as the Korea-Japan summit on the 16th, resumed his activities to listen to public sentiment in the region. This is the first time President Yoon has visited the South Jeolla region since taking office.

On the same day, President Yoon visited the Juam Control Reservoir Dam in Suncheon, South Jeolla Province, received a briefing from Environment Minister Han Hwa-jin on the progress of drought emergency measures, and said, “In any case, please ensure that the is the water supply to local residents and industrial complexes being cut off.” “We need to prepare permanent climate emergency measures to protect the lives and safety of the people in climate emergencies such as extreme drought and floods that have not been experienced in the past, ” he said. He also ordered that infrastructure expansion such as drinking water only dams and flood control dams and science based water management system should be established.”

He then attended the opening ceremony of the ‘Suncheon Bay International Garden Expo’ and said, “We will actively support domestic tourism so that the local economy can be revived.” In particular, noting that Suncheon has become a famous tourist destination with the theme of ecology and gardens, he emphasized, “It is consistent with the philosophy of balanced local development that the region finds and develops a growth engine with a comparative advantage on its own . and the central government supports it.”

President Yoon, who visited Jeonnam for the first time after taking office, mentioned his past statement that “the development of Honam is the development of the Republic of Korea, and the prosperity of Korea is the prosperity of Honam.”

Before the Suncheon schedule, President Yoon visited Yeongunhang, Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do, and attended the ceremony to commemorate ‘Susan People’s Day’ for the first time as president. President Yoon said, “‘Laver,’ known as black semiconductor, as well as ‘oysters, abalones, and fish cakes’ are our strategic export items.” President Yoon said, “I will never forget the warm support and encouragement you gave me on Jungang-ro in Tongyeong last February (when the president’s race was in full swing).”

Reporter Shin Gyu-jin


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