Between Valentine’s Day and National Unity, where does our heart lean the most?

With a population made up of 70% of « millennials » et “Generation Z”, it’s fascinating to ask the question whether National Unity Day has any meaning to them or whether it’s just a day of sleeping in.

I remember that most « up to date » wore red and black under their uniforms to mark this day of lovers, to the great astonishment of some teachers who had nothing to do with February 14. After the 31 endless days of January, February comes, for many young people, as an appeasement, a truce. “For me, in addition to being the shortest month, having a public holiday on the 05th, the wedding anniversary of my darons and of course the red-black party that stirs my romantic emotions…February is I think my favorite month”confides Kekelo, barely in his twenties.

For this young woman, Valentine’s Day is of great importance, although she has had the opportunity to celebrate it only once. “Casing nothing, even the streets of our beautiful Bujumbura vibrate. There is a certain lightness in the air. Vendors walk around with roses, botanical shops make marvelous bouquets with chocolates and wines…in short, it’s the season for lovers.”she said, her eyes sparkling.

And national unity in all this?

ON, 24, is a young man from the economic capital. Certainly, he knows that February 5 is the day of national unity, but nothing more: “It’s pretty cool to have a holiday, it allows me to sleep in since the day before I go out most of the time”.

DM, 44, is not moved by this day of national unity either. “It’s more of a charade than anything, don’t you think?” ». The only thing he appreciates for this month of February, he explains, is above all that his salary arrives in the blink of an eye: “This allows me to easily make ends meet for the month ».

From what precedes it will be noticed that no one mentioned the National Unity Day as a special day. However, in a country like ours, which has known inter-ethnic wars, it is high time to honor this day, not only in ceremonies but that the« Unity of Burundi » be real. The State should sensitize primary and secondary schools as well as public and private services in order to resume the ritual of singing the anthem ofUnity of Burundi. We should also teach the younger generations the reason for this celebration of national unity because if not, it will remain only a simple day off.

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