Beware of the Deadly Cliffs in Remnant II: Losing Hours of Progress in Hardcore Mode

Beware of the treacherous cliffs, for a single misstep could cost you hours of hard-earned progress in the gaming realm. Losing oneself in the thrilling world of hardcore mode, Remnant II players have discovered a chilling adversary – the dreaded shelf. Housed within the labyrinthine maze, this seemingly innocuous path presents a deceptive challenge that often leads to a fatal fall. As expressed by Reddit user MediocrePollution878, the sheer abruptness of such a game-ending event leaves players feeling utterly unsatisfied. Nevertheless, these brave souls continue to venture down this perilous route, hoping that future updates will rectify the flawed movement mechanics that overshadow their otherwise valiant hardcore runs. (Source:

Watch out for the scary cliffs, fall off them and you’ll lose hours of progress.

Article: Alex Hopley – Gamereactor.cnHard running is becoming more and more popular in gaming these days. Nothing can send shivers down your spine like losing hours of progress because your character ends prematurely. In Remnant II, with hardcore mode, you can meet death in many ways, but many players have noted that shelf is the real killer of hardcore runs. It’s a small path in the maze that gives you an awkward jump and often ends with the player missing the landing and falling to their doom. As Reddit user MediocrePollution878 pointed out, ending a streak like this can feel incredibly anticlimactic, but that hasn’t stopped players from taking the optional route. Hopefully these jumps can be improved in time to make players feel like they haven’t been ruined by inconsistent movement mechanics from their hardcore runs. Source:

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