Beyoncé perfumes and Britney Spears focused on thief in Somerset shoplifting spree

A Somerset thief was ordered to have a calligraphy to steal famous perfumes following a drug rehabilitation order after he had appeared in court on a series of shopping offenses.

Stuart John Burden's life went down considerably after his job and his house were lost and he lived in the streets, a court heard in Yeovil.

After falling into the depths of drug drugs, he went on a spree focusing on many shops in the Chard, helping the perfume and alcohol worth around £ 700 to finance the next arrangement.

Every time he was captured on CCTV or a security team as he put goods in and left it unpaid.

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The 31-year-old defendant, Furzehill in Chard, appeared before the Somerset Magistrates in custody after being arrested by the police.

He pleaded guilty to stealing five counts of perfume bottles from Boots in Chard on various dates in March.

He also admitted that alcohol bottles had been made from Sainsbury's and Tesco to steal as well as bedding devices that stole from Poundstretcher.

All offenses are said to have been committed during five weeks.

Prosecutor Suzie Butler said that he had helped himself with noteworthy style perfumes each time the defendant was seen in Bootots, including Beyoncé and Britney Spears brands.

On other dates he went to supermarkets at home and stole a boo and bedding.

On the last occasion there was a witness in Sainsbury's checkout area on 6 April when she saw the defendant left and sent out the alarms.

“He left with two bottles of alcohol and then ran down with a journey towards Holyrood Street.

"Then the witness stopped turning him on but he could see that he had a bottle of liter of spirits in each hand," said the prosecution.

“A police constable saw a load as he walked down a grass bank and then put the two bottles down and ran out but the officer took him in Boden Street and caught it.” T

Court of Magistrates Yeovil
Court of Magistrates Yeovil

He was taken to the police station and asked about the offense but did not comment.

Defense attorney Ray Peters said that the load had already been employed in a number of different jobs including woodworking and warehousing and that things were going reasonably well for him.

“However, things went wrong when he lost his employment a few months ago and he lost his accommodation and found himself homeless on the street,” he said.

“He started taking drugs quickly and this has been his main problem in recent months because these thefts have been taken to fund this drug addiction.” T

Boots shop in Chard (Yeovil store stock image)
Boots shop in Chard (Yeovil store stock image)

Probation officer Joe Harper said alcohol had played a significant role in the defendant's recent life and was also diagnosed and anxious.

“He wishes that he did not commit these offenses and regrets his behavior and wishes that he was working more with the Somali Drug Service and his family doctor,” he said.

“However, he put his head in the sand because he was struggling financially but he is now living in supported housing.” T

The magistrates sentenced a community Order on a 12 month community order with a nine month Drug Rehabilitation Requirement and a 20 day Rehabilitation Action Requirement.

They said “exceptionally” that they did not want him to pay any compensation because his priority was to put his life back on track, but a victim surcharge of £ 85 was imposed.

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