Beyond an actor, as a director and producer… Moon So-ri, a filmmaker without limits

Moon So-ri (Photo=C-JeS Entertainment)

[이데일리 스타in 박미애 기자] “Kim Seon-young, Jang Yoon-ju, and I have a daughter. ‘Three Sisters’ is a movie that expresses the hope that the daughters will live with a proud smile beyond the era of violence and hatred. I wanted that heart to be conveyed to all the daughters of this land.”

At the 42nd Blue Dragon Film Awards ceremony held on the 26th, actress Moon So-ri gave a moving impression. Moon So-ri won the Best Actress award for her role in the movie ‘Three Sisters’ (Director Lee Seung-won) at the awards ceremony.

‘Three Sisters’ is a work that reveals the harmful effects of domestic violence through three sisters who are unable to settle in their current lives due to childhood trauma. Although it was released during the COVID-19 pandemic and did not attract 100,000 viewers, it was evaluated that it raised more meaning and topics than the score. In this movie, Moon So-ri seems to be living a seemingly perfect life, but she delivers a clear message by excellently expressing a hypocrite who is full of shame.

In particular, Moon So-ri won the Best Actress Award at the Blue Dragon Film Awards for the first time in 19 years since she received the Best New Actress award for ‘Oasis’ (2002). Earlier, at the 41st Youngpyeong Awards held on the 10th, she also won the Best Actress Award, and took two crowns this year.

Moon So-ri made her debut with Lee Chang-dong’s ‘Peppermint Candy’ (1999). Next, he received the New Actor Award at the 59th Venice International Film Festival for his performance in director Lee Chang-dong’s ‘Oasis’ for the physically disabled, and Im Sang-soo’s ‘Family with an Affair’ (2003) directed by Im Sang-soo, who played a housewife having an affair with a young man, at the 29th Seattle International Film Festival. She quickly expanded her position by winning the Best Actress Award at the 13th Stockholm International Film Festival and at the International Film Festival.

Moon So-ri is an actress who doesn’t choose a seat even though she plays the lead role. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is an exaggeration to say that ‘there are small roles, but there are no small actors’. He has been active in art and commercial films, feature films and short films, leading and supporting roles, movies and dramas, without limiting his work. He made a special appearance in ‘The Handmaiden’, which entered the competition section of the 69th Cannes International Film Festival, and showed off his presence as a lead actor by exuding an uneasy atmosphere with a mysterious figure even in a short amount of time. Director Park Chan-wook, who watched his performance closely, said, “It was beautiful and creepy at the same time.”

Moon So-ri is walking the path of a filmmaker who cannot be defined only as an actress without limiting her role as well as acting. I am willing to go out as a director and producer to tell the stories I want to tell. ‘Actresses Today’ and ‘Three Sisters’ are examples. Although it is getting better, sexism is still prevalent in the film industry, and the reality is that women’s films are difficult to receive investment. Some people adapt to reality while feeling frustrated, while others fight against such reality. The doorbell is the latter.

‘An Actress Today’ depicts the reality of living as a female actress in Korea by writing and directing the script herself. At the time of the release, Moon So-ri said, “I’m angry at the unfavorable reality (for female actors), but I thought it would be good to think about what I should do to change the current situation and take even half a step forward.” He told me why he started. ‘Three Sisters’ is a work that was able to come out to the world after overcoming the crisis that almost fell over several times thanks to the help of the scriptwriter, casting, and investment as a co-producer. Moon So-ri’s multiplayer role laid the groundwork for him to stand in a unique position among actors of the same age. He is one of the actors recognized by his colleagues.

At the end of this day’s award speech, Moon So-ri said, “I will come back to you with more wonderful women’s films”, raising expectations for the next challenge and move.

Moon So-ri, who has been active on screen and TV this year with the movie ‘Three Sisters’ and the drama ‘Only Without Going Crazy’ depicting the sorrows of office workers, expands the scope of her activities to OTT with the Netflix movie ‘Operation Seoul’ and the drama ‘Queen Maker’.

Moon So-ri in ‘Three Sisters’



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