Beyond dreams! The French pianist became famous and gained a fan base on social media at the age of 100.

French pianist Golat Maz (AFP) aged 109

Beyond dreams! The French pianist became famous and gained a fan base on social media at the age of 100.

As well as longevity, the 109-year-old French pianist ‘Colette Maz’, who has played the piano for over a century, can still be successful. Have a fan base on social media at 100 years old

Golat Maaz was born in June 1914, before the First World War, followed by Claude Debussy, a French composer. Famous people are still alive. She practices piano for 4 hours a day and currently her 7th album, 108 Years of Piano, has been released for fans to listen to.


Maz, who looks more energetic than his years, gave an interview to AFP on March 24 in his apartment in Paris. Looking out over the Seine, “I’m not interested in age. There are people who are forever young. and feel blind Excited about everything, everything, and there are people who don’t care about anything. and never love anything not even their people Can you imagine that?”

AFP said that Maz started playing the piano at the age of five, although his parents were not willing to support him. She managed to attend the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, where the famous pianist Alfred Cortot was one of her teachers.


Maz has been a lifelong piano teacher, but at the age of 100 she has already built a fan base through her Facebook page, where her son, journalist Fabrice Maz, speaks proudly of her mother. My mother is one of the very few centenarians. who can release albums at this age

“She encouraged people. And that is why it has been such a success,” says Fabrice.

Maz became an inspiration to many that she stayed healthy. Today, she still enjoys drinking wine, eating cheese and chocolate, and playing the piano which she describes as life. “Piano is my life. is my friend I need to touch him and hear his voice.”

The 109-year-old pianist also shares another secret that makes her look younger. ‘I dance a lot. I need to touch feel the muscles in my body The abdominal muscles, thighs and arms must be alive, functional.”