BGPU has appointed Matthew Smith as its new manager.

After parting ways with Coach Samurai a few days later, the BGPU board announced the appointment of Coach Kangaroo, old bot Matthew Smith, who has already promoted himself to coach. It’s the same thing. hired gun Along the path of a career film player who cannot escape the word who is good, who is

There is hard work waiting for “Coach Matty” at the forefront because the situation of the latest team is not good. Most recently, even playing at home, Lampang FC, the underdog, led the first two times before they drew 2-2. In this game, Surachai Chaturaphatphong has no one to support the mistake instead of Tekuramori as well

The incident was due to the real middle finger “Madame Om” Srisopha Kotkamlue, the manager of Chiang Mai United, was banned from action on the sideline for 2 matches and was fined 6,666 baht. Umm! Our fingers are being used in the wrong place. It can lead to the owner suffering… too.

Human life, if used carelessly, can have unforeseen consequences. A professional footballer who maintains a non-professional status. As a result, the future is dismissed as a cautionary tale. of anyone still in this profession

Closer to the same. “Sing Chao Tha” with the news of an accident on the way to practice Here is another example. To be aware that anything can happen, don’t be careless.

Up to this moment, rumors of changes at Nakhon Ratchasima FC are only 50% according to Pol Gen. Worawut Thongsri-Ngam and Lt Gen. Kraisak Anusak, asking to solve the faucet itself because there are other tasks that are tight. for Worawee Makudi, the cousin who carried together, continues to take on the club management mat. Like people who have football in their blood

Concluding the day, let’s go to the English Premier League, with doubt in the form of Liverpool, who lost two games in a row to bottom teams like Nottingham Forest and Leeds United, causing the pundits who like to send Sikhs. The good trick seven-eight-stars, they could hardly find a Beep to cover their heads.

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