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Biden challenge: Will Trump complicate issues with China? | Joe Biden | Donald Trump

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WASHINGTON: Donald Trump’s reluctance to step down from the White House is expected to pose a potential challenge to his successor, Joe Biden’s presidency. Trump may try to complicate matters with China in his final months in office, according to news agency ANI, citing experts in various fields.

Trump has been widely criticized by China for being behind Kovid. It is alleged that this is the reason why the US economy has collapsed. Therefore, they speculate that Trump may move to worsen relations by raising allegations against Beijing.

It is estimated that the executive orders of the president are likely to go ‘further’ and there may be appointments that do not require the approval of the Senate. The South China Morning Post reports, quoting James Green, a senior fellow at the University of Georgetown and a former trade ambassador at the US Embassy in Beijing, as saying that there could be “punishing” measures for Beijing.

Moreover, there could be some ‘explosive’ moves on Trump’s part to accuse Uyghur of genocide of Muslims in China’s Xinjiang province. Trump may also ban visas for Communist Party officials and order U.S. athletes not to participate in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

The current trade dispute is likely to intensify and impose sanctions on more Chinese companies. The ban on more Chinese mobile apps, following Tiktok and WeChat, is expected to expand restrictions on civilian-military exports, as well as ban the sale of all semiconductors sent not only to the 5G network but also to Wavy Technology.

At the same time, Cornell University law and government professor Sarah Krepps says Biden’s policies will be similar to Trump’s when assessing China’s growth over the past four years. It has been anti-China since Trump came to power. According to a Pew Research Center survey, 73% of Americans have a negative view of China. This is 13% more than last year. This is 20% more than in 2017 when Trump came to power.

English Summary: Trump Could Target China Before Leaving White House to Create Trouble for Biden, Say Experts


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