Biden ‘faces Armageddon’: Did you detect Putin’s nuclear use trend?

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Under these circumstances, US President Biden was the first to mention the possibility of Russia using nuclear weapons, saying that he was in danger of ‘Armageddon’, the last war for mankind.

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Reporter Kim Su-jin, is this the first time President Biden has directly mentioned the possibility that Russia could use nuclear weapons?

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Yes, it shows that concern about the sudden situation in Russia, which is now on the defensive, has increased.

“The use of nuclear weapons will ultimately lead to Armageddon,” Biden said.

Armageddon is a biblical term for the final battle of mankind.

Recently, Russia has been on the defensive in Ukraine, and President Biden said, “Where can Putin find an exit?” “Putin is no joke.”

Although it was a private event for Democratic supporters before the mid-term elections, the impact of the comments talking about Armageddon was sent to the world immediately through the comment of the White House Pool reporter.

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But, aren’t Biden’s comments different from what the US administration has revealed so far?

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Yes, at the moment, in a briefing a few hours before President Biden’s comments, a spokesman for the Pentagon said that there were no circumstances in the use of nuclear weapons that would change the strategic posture.

Let’s hear it for yourself.

[팻 라이더/미국 국방부 대변인]

“The Russian nuclear threat is reckless and irresponsible. Right now, the United States has no information to change its posture of strategic deterrence.”

However, given the weight of the US President’s comments, there are speculations that US intelligence authorities may have caught the trend of Russia using nuclear weapons.

Meanwhile, the US Department of Health and Human Services announced that it had purchased 290 million dollars and won 400 billion worth of treatment for acute radiation syndrome.

I said I didn’t buy it because of the Ukraine war, but the timing is a little cheesy.

Russia has the world’s largest nuclear weapons state.

So far, it has been delivered from Washington.

Video comment: Jiyoon Park (Washington)

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