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Biden: “I quit church because I felt betrayed by the loss of my son,” why she went back

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U.S. President Joe Biden’s wife, Jill Biden, made a surprise visit to Brookland Baptist Church in South Carolina late in the afternoon on Sunday (17th local time).

It is to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the service of the pastor of this church, Charles Jackson. The church is located about 800 kilometers from the White House.

The Washington Post reported on the background of Mrs. Biden’s visit on the 18th that the purpose of her visit was to express her gratitude to the pastor’s wife, Robin Jackson.

According to the Washington Post, when Biden gave up her religious life after losing her son, she prayed together and helped her find her faith again because it was Robin. Beau Biden, the eldest son of former Delaware Attorney General, died of brain cancer in 2015. My son was 46 at the time.

He was the son he cherished so much that President Joe Biden considered him his political successor and called him ‘my soul’.

“I lost faith in the feeling of being betrayed after sending the message,” Biden said in a visit to the church the day before.

While going through a difficult time, Mrs. Biden got to know Robin in May 2019. Robin promised Ms. Biden that she would be a prayer partner, and they regularly communicated and prayed together.

“Robin’s hard work changed my life,” Biden said.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Biden kept the church visit a secret only from Robin. When Robin, puzzled by the number of guards around the church, asked the reason, his family lied in good faith that it was because a member of the House of Representatives was visiting.

And after a while, Mrs. Biden walked into the church with a bouquet of red roses and surprised Robin.

“Robin’s kindness, mercy, and dignity have pushed the calluses out of my heart, and my piety has grown like a mustard seed once again,” said Biden.

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