Biden: Omicron is concerned but not panicked urge to vaccinate

US President Joe Biden has repeatedly called for vaccination, saying the new mutation, Omicron, is not enough to cause panic.

Although the existing vaccine will provide a certain protective effect, he said that if necessary, he would speed up the development of a vaccine specialized for Omicron.

According to Reuters, President Biden said in a speech at the White House on the 29th local time that a confirmed case of Omicron will occur in the United States soon, and that this is almost inevitable.

He said, however, that Omicron is a cause for concern, but not enough to cause panic.

“We will overcome this new mutation,” he said, urging Americans repeatedly to get a vaccine and get a booster shot.

In particular, after introducing the expert remark that the existing vaccine has at least some protective effect against Omicron, he reiterated that vaccination is the best way to protect against the new mutation.

President Biden also called for the use of masks indoors and in public, adding that lockdown policies would not be necessary if people were vaccinated and wore masks.

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)



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