Biden orders early hoisting in memory of former congressman Bob Dole… “The Greatest Person”

A flag was raised at the White House to commemorate Senator Bobdol, who passed away on the 5th (local time). © AFP=News1 © News1 Reporter Minsu Kim

President Biden ordered early hoisting in honor of the deceased Senator Bob Dole.

On the 5th (local time), US media The Hill reported that US President Joe Biden in a statement on the same day ordered the White House, all public places in the United States, and military bases to fly early by the 9th.

President Biden said of the deceased: “He was the greatest man of a great generation. He was a friend I could count on for advice and a person who knew the right amount of humor in tense moments.”

Former senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole died on the morning of the 5th at the age of 98.

Bob Dole represented Kansas in the House of Representatives from 1961-1969 and the Senate from 1969-1996.

In the 1980s, he served as the minority leader in the Senate, and in 1996 ran for the Republican presidential nomination, but lost to Democrat Bill Clinton.

Congressman Bob Dole, a World War II veteran, was seriously wounded by a cannonball in his right shoulder. He was called a war hero for this kind of defense.

In 1997, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest honor, and in 2018 he was also awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest award awarded by Congress.

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