Biden to meet with Xi Jinping soon… Will the tariff abolition lead to ‘cooperation’?

U.S. President Joe Biden waves as he boards Air Force One for a trip to Korea and Japan at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland, on the 19th (local time). Andrews Air Force Base, US | AP Yonhap News

US President Joe Biden is likely to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping in the near future, the White House said on the 19th (local time). If the summit is successful, it is expected that the US and China will come together on key issues such as the North Korean issue and response to the Ukraine crisis. In the United States, the Biden administration is also paying close attention to whether the Biden administration will abolish the ‘Article 301 tariffs’ as a carrot on China.

“It wouldn’t be surprising if President Biden and President Xi Jinping met again in the coming weeks,” said National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, during a briefing on a plane bound for South Korea on the same day. This suggests that the possibility of a meeting with President Xi has increased.

If this summit is successful, it is expected that there will be discussions about the successive North Korean provocations and response to the Ukraine crisis. In particular, Sullivan said on the same day that he was aware of the need to cooperate with China as well as allies to respond to this, referring to the possibility of North Korea’s seventh nuclear test or missile test. He also added that North Korean provocations could cause a change in US military readiness.

Sullivan, who had previously spoken to a member of the Politburo in charge of foreign affairs of the Communist Party of China, said on the phone the day before, “I have conveyed[the Politburo Yang]the US concerns about North Korea’s nuclear and missile activities and the view that it is not in China’s interest.” “China should consider doing everything it can to reduce the possibility of a North Korean provocation,” he said.

This is the fifth summit between the two leaders. Since taking office in January of last year, President Biden has met with Xi on four occasions and discussed current issues, but it is evaluated that it only escalates conflict.

In the United States, attention is also being paid to whether the Biden administration will eliminate the hundreds of billions of dollars in tariffs on Chinese goods. Earlier, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the measures, which were imposed in retaliation for China’s unfair trade under former President Donald Trump, are harming US consumers and businesses in conjunction with recent inflation. ” he said. Since this is a welcome move from China’s point of view, there is also talk of the possibility of becoming a catalyst for easing tensions between the two countries.

However, U.S. Trade Representative Catherine Ty and others are arguing that it is still necessary to maintain high tariffs on China to protect U.S. jobs and improve unfair trade practices in China. Some point out that such a measure does not really help the US economy and can only loosen the US encirclement over China. Washington Post columnist Josh Login said the United States has to do more to combat China’s economic aggression.

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