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Biden’s Magical Masterpiece: Prequel to “The Chinese Matrix” | Blog Post

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The United States and 30 NATO countries, as well as Asia-Pacific countries such as Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, launched an offensive against China at the same time yesterday, jointly accusing the Chinese government of conducting cyber attacks on a global scale. The United States simultaneously filed related prosecutions against four Chinese citizens.

U.S. President Biden pointed out in the White House that China is in line with the Russian government’s style and that the Chinese government is not launching a cyber attack, but protecting hackers from behind. Secretary of State Blincoln said that China’s security agencies support cybercriminals, misappropriate intellectual property rights, blackmail users, and destroy security facilities in other countries, and provide them with “salaries.” Suddenly, China was portrayed by the West as the “Matrix Empire.”

This reminds us that the United States has to use the imagination of magic literature to write a new and more thrilling chapter against China. China has no tradition of shielding pirates. China has always been a hero against pirates. For example, the Japanese pirates in the Ming Dynasty lasted for 300 years. On the other hand, the White House coalition accused China of hackers cyberattacks to steal other people’s property, and the Chinese government provided financial support behind the scenes. It seems that the act of expanding power by this is similar to the “brilliant” deeds of Britain in the 16th century at the same time as the Japanese pirate rebellion. I have to tell a story for everyone here.

In the 16th century, Britain supported the privateers of civil organizations looting the country’s merchant ships. “Privateer” is actually “Pirate”. The identity of “Privateer” is extraordinary. It is the “Private Permit” issued by the King of England and recruited to serve the royal family, so it is called “Royal Pirate”. Under the heavy rewards, the “privatizers” helped Britain destroy Spain, which was dominating at the time, at sea. Since then, Britain’s national strength has greatly increased, laying the foundation for the industrial revolution.

Westerners should be familiar with this period of history, American reporter Colin. Colin Woodard, published in 2008, wrote a popular historical study “The Republic of Pirate”, using realistic brushwork to tell stories about several pirates in the Caribbean in the 1700s. The story of their rise to fall. The most interesting part of this book is that these desperadoes have established a democratic election system on the ship. The captain accepts one person, one vote to come to power, establishes a more stable organization than the orthodox merchant ship, more benevolent management, and more generous team division. Has enlightened and influenced modern British politics. The rise of the West turned out to be based on plunder at sea, and then an effective democratic system was produced.

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The United States and British culture have a great relationship. The National Interest reported in April last year that Mark Cancian, a retired U.S. Marine Corps officer, had a good idea: “The coastline of China is 9,000 miles, Owning the world’s second largest merchant fleet after Greece, including Hong Kong, has more than 4,000 ships. This is not China’s advantage but weakness. The United States can effectively block China’s economy by launching a clever battle and deplete its ammunition. Aid.” He also suggested that the United States can follow the example of Britain in the 16th century and support private organizations that specialize in looting Chinese merchant ships. Of course, Biden does not have this plan for the time being. He is still relatively gentle and elegant, and he is very destructive and even more magical by disguising China as a pirate in a story.

The BBC report: “Liu Pengyu, a spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in the United States, criticized that the United States has repeatedly attacked and maliciously discredited China on cybersecurity issues. The Chinese mission to the European Union also responded that the EU and NATO statements lack facts and evidence. He also emphasized that China is also a victim of cyber attacks.”

Lastly, Magic Realism is a narrative literary technique, and the causality in the story often seems unrealistic. However, magic can provide authors and readers with a temporary relief of depression and frustration. This is in line with the needs of the United States. It seems that there will be an endless period of time in the future.


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