Big Ben watch “London” returns to countdown for the new year 2022

British citizens expected Big Ben’s clock chimes will be heard. in central London One of the famous landmarks of the country Come back to be famous again for the new year 2022

The Miller newspaperEngland Reports on Wednesday (Dec 29) that in England, the bell is also used as a symbol for events such as New Year’s celebrations. Sunday Remembrance Activities and signaling the closing of the election at 22.00

clock towerbig benIt has been closed for repairs for four years after restoration work on the London Monument began in 2017, while the four faces of the Big Ben watch have recently been repainted.

since the beginning of the repair Countless times, the bell of Big Ben’s clock rang only a few times. For example, at the time the UK left the European Union earlier. And it rang again to commemorate in November this year.

Will Big Ben’s clock ring in time for the new year?

the latest good news big ben clock bellwill ring in the new year 2022 which will symbolize a good start

Ian Westworth, one of the technicians in the clock tower repair project.big ben said that all bolts and nuts have now been screwed into place in order to prepare to return to normal work in whichnew year’s eve Instead, the bell is rung using a temporary mechanism.Victorian designthe majesty that always helps the bell ring

The old watch movement, weighing over 11 tons, was dismantled for dusting, cleaning and careful repairs. which avoids damage

Why is it called “Big Ben”?

Big Ben means “bell”, not the clock or the building, which has becomenicknameof the watch that hasworld famous reputation The origin of the word “Big Ben” is unclear, but it is believed to refer to Sir Benjamin Hall, a Welsh engineer who oversaw the installation and repair of the bell.parliament building which is known Tall Big Ben Clock TowerIt is located on the side of the Parliament Building. Just a road between Westminster.

In the book Visit London, another possible theory is that it was named after the then heavyweight boxing champion Benjamin Count, known by the nickname “Big Ben” at the time.

However, the building was originally called the “Clock Tower” until 2012, before being renamed “Elizabeth Tower” in honor of the Queen of England.

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