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Big increase in delta cases in UK; And the new Lambda variant

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London: An increase in the number of Kovid patients affected by the Delta variant in the UK. The UK Health Department estimates that there has been a 46 per cent increase in delta cases. In the last few days, 35,204 more delta cases have been reported, bringing the total number of cases to 1,11,157.

The UK Department of Public Health (PHE) has reported that 95 per cent of covid cases reported in the UK are due to the Delta variant. Last week, 99 per cent of Kovid cases reported in the UK were similar. Of these, 42% were due to the Delta Plus variant.

The PHE also announced that Lambda C37, a new variant of the corona virus, has been added to the Under Investigation (VII) list. From February 23 to June 7, six lambda cases were detected across the country. All these cases are related to foreign travel.

Lambda, first reported in Peru, already has a presence in 26 countries. This variant was discovered by scientists in South American countries such as Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Argentina. Experts say that the lambda variant shows multiple mutations in the spike protein. The scientific community is just studying the contagious potential of Lambda.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has named various variants of the corona virus in Greek letters. The first four letters of the Greek alphabet, alpha, beta, gamma, and delta, were given to viruses. The new variant found in South America is named Lambda.

The NSH said the symptoms were high fever, severe cough, loss of smell and taste and most people with the disease were more likely to have one of these symptoms.

There is currently no evidence that the Lambda variant causes more severe disease or that vaccines are ineffective. The PHE assessed that the two-dose vaccine was effective in preventing hospitalization and providing protection against serious illness.

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