“Big Joke” believes parents know where the younger brother has gone Identify important clues that are still hidden. No disclosure: PPTVHD36

for “Nong Tor”, an 8-month-old boy who mysteriously disappeared from his home in Nakhon Pathom Province He has not yet found any particular clues or traces, but “Big Joke” believes that parents know where has the younger brother gone.

The incident “Nong Tor”, 8 months old, disappeared from her house in Bang Len District. Nakhon Pathom Province Recently, the child has not been found. At the same time, there is interesting information from the Mirror Foundation. Including a Big Joke that came rushing Based on various evidence and comparisons with other missing children cases, maybe “Nong Tor” is not in a safe state at this time?

Complete 10 full days in Nong Tor or Boy Torsak. An 8 month old boy mysteriously disappeared from his home with the last clue from the child’s mother. Giving information that a man in a yellow shirt is carrying it.

The authorities used all kinds of search carpets in the community. the evidence of the two witnesses collect forensic evidence CCTV footage of the area Examine the history of the parents’ financial path. But there was still no sign of the little mouse.

Head of the Missing People Information Center Mirror Foundation who has been in the area since day one is seen as an important clue Still hidden in homes and communities The issue most people are worried about is security. Everyone prayed that the little girl would still be alive. But compared to the missing child case that happened before There is a notable point if the child is actually going with someone He should have been brought back. For example, in the case of Nong Gina in Chiang Mai

“compared to this case that this case is a famous news It is stable as a follower of society. There are police to investigate, follow up, pressure in the press. If it is true that children take it with the person close to the close person I think if it is like the past cases In order to get him back he should have been able to get him back At the same time there are many cases where small children have disappeared. and later he appeared to be dead And it happened from people in the community. from family from someone close It’s difficult for the suspect. Or the person we thought was the one who committed it confessed the crime until the body is found.”

Completed 10 full days and everyone following Nong Toon At the same time, there was a change in the Noi Noi family and the community in the area of ​​Hin Mun Sub-District, Bang Len District, Nakhon Pathom Province. It’s not just about being the center of attention. but it is a moot point that will continue to leave cracks after this

“When it happens in a family community, there can be no reason or evidence to judge that the family is not involved or that the people in the community are not involved. So when it is presented as parents or relatives or not, members of the community or not, it is opinion rather than fact. Will this also become a deep conflict in the family and community? That is, of course, not the same, and we look at the nature of the interviews from different parties. Each side provides information or there is a TV program or a media that can bring conflicting people to face each other in a way. In this way, it creates more divisions, but it does not find facts. “

The latest in this case, local police said it is still under investigation. They both question witnesses and find additional evidence. by speeding up the closing of the case as soon as possible Do not rule out issues such as taking the child, murder or hiding the body.

Pol Gen came. Surachet Hakpal, Deputy Commissioner of Police, came out to blame the police in the area after the case did not progress. Know best where your child has gone. And now I’m not sure if the child is still alive or not.