“Big Joke” confirmed that Pak Nam had a real “gambling incident” while the Superintendent reported false information.

From the case yesterday (10 November 2022) there were rumors that in Pak Nam area, Mueang District, Samut Prakan Province A group of 8 attackers robbed “gaming” and one criminal was killed because he was shot by a gambling card, and confirmed La that there were no gambling robberies in the area. and the perpetrator was shot and killed. according to rumours

The latest today (11 November 2022) Pol Gen Surachet Hakpan, Deputy Commissioner of the National Police Interview with reporters by phone Yesterday, there was a call to inquire about the matter, which was Pol Col. Termrasmi Jindawat, the superintendent of the Samut Prakan Police Station have told themselves that there is no cause for “robbery”, shooting or gambling, but he is confused if there is no real cause Why is there so much news?

Therefore, he made a phone call to ask Mr. Ekapop Leungprasert. The founder of the Saimai page must survive. until some information is obtained andHe has sent a private investigation team. he went to the area to check the facts of “robbery” and knew that there was gambling and illegal gambling, including that there was a real “robbery” incident, but there were no deaths. We are currently gathering evidence. to prepare a press release

Police Lieutenant Colonel Surachet also revealed that last morning Muang Samut Prakan Police Station Superintendent to get a phone call back to himself and admit that there was a real “theft” incident which can be self The reprimand, after which all arrests will be made. is it the criminal or even officers

At the same time, it was reported that POW police had visited one area. which is the area The reporters reported that the incident was “theft”.

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