“Big Joke” reveals that the only person who could know that Nong Tor has disappeared is only “Nim”: PPTVHD36

“Big Joke” reveals the results of the lie detector, “None” has found every lie, and “Rhowch” and “Jae” have no information. I believe the only person who could know that Nong Tor is gone is Nim. After investigating the night of the incident, he was not at home.

Almost 20 days have passed since the disappearance of Nong Tor, an 8-month-old boy who disappeared from the mysterious house. Recently, Pol Gen. Surachet Hakpal, Deputy Commissioner of the National Police (Commander-Chief of Police) came out to confirm with P. PTV said that the lie detector report found that Miss Nim, Nong Tor’s mother, found that she had given all false information. and confirmed that Ms. Nim disappeared from the house on the night of the incident

Now, although there is no official report yet. along with on the day of entering the lie detector He continued to confirm the same information given to the media. Which scientific answer is completely false.

“Nim-Put” insists the younger brother is a real child Even if the DNA results match “Uncle Jae”

“Mr. Put” was accused with his wife to sell prostitution As for “Uncle Jae”, he was accused of taking minors.

both about the events of the day Nong Tor disappeared various timelines Including the story about the yellow shirt who later confessed Cause now to focus only on the mother of one

Another point, we asked about the information that Nong Tor disappeared on the night of the 4th and 5th of February. It is reported that he is soft Not at home Police General Surachet It has been confirmed that Nim has indeed disappeared. She is currently under investigation and looking for evidence to prove her disappearance. but believes it is definitely connected to Nong Tor’s disappearance

The Police General Surachet also provides information that From the evidence in the hands of the police, it was discovered that “Put and Jae” had no part in knowing that Nong Tor Disappeared, only Nim was the only one who knew about him.

While in the area yesterday The reporters participated in the campaign with volunteer officers, community leaders, village heads, village heads, who were caught detecting air heat. to inspect the area of ​​land near the Tha Chin River About 500 meters from the crash site, it took more than an hour to fly for a thorough inspection. But nothing was found, today, the situation will be assessed and a search operation will be carried out again.

The Mirror Foundation Wins Society”nothing” still innocent

Mr. Ekaluck Lumchomkhae, Head of Human Trafficking Prevention Information Center Missing Foundation Mirror who came to help in this matter from the beginning, reminding people in society that there is currently no evidence to confirm who the criminal is Therefore, the a person suspected of being innocent. Treating and protecting the innocent is important. with children, there is due process in accordance with the principles of protection law

The court did not grant” release”yes” wearing EM bracelets

while Bang Luang Police Station, Nakhon Pathom Province took Uncle Jae together with Mr. Put to go to Nakhon Pathom Provincial Court to jail him. After both were accused of sex, Mr Put was accused of procuring prostitution, which led Ms Nim’s wife to sell services to his father’s friend Uncle Jae was charged with 2 charges: abusing children Under 15 and taking children under 15 age

by the Nakhon Pathom Provincial Court. “Uncle Jae” is allowed bail in the amount of 100,000 baht, along with wearing an EM bracelet. to track behaviour

But not allowing Mr. Bail may be released at the request of the investigating officer. Before keeping the prisoner, he was sent to prison and prosecuted according to the law

“Nim-Put” insists the younger brother is a real child Even if the DNA results match “Uncle Jae”

Auntie reveals that she knew from the beginning that she was soft


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