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Big Lotto 1 form is heating up considerably this year

On the night of May 31st, Beijing time, lottery 23061 of the Sports Lottery, the current lottery numbers are: 07 11 21 30 32 in the front area and 05 07 in the back area. It is worth noting that the announcement of 2 bold numbers in the front area once again provoked heated discussions among lottery players, and the frequency of 2 bold numbers this year has quietly increased.


For lottery players, heavy numbers have always been one of the necessary conditions for lottery selection, and the trend of heavy numbers has also attracted the attention of lottery players. However, the editor found by back-checking the data that the trend of heavy numbers has quietly risen recently. In the 10 draws from 043-052, 2 heavy numbers appeared in 5 times, and a total of 10 times this. year.

Summary of the lottery numbers drawn on 3 JuneSummary of the lottery numbers drawn on 3 June

The trend of heavy numbers in the front area is clearly heating up. Which numbers should we pay attention to in the next issue? The next lottery draw is on June 3. Historically, the lottery has only had 6 draws on this day. The editor arranged the 6 numbers and found that the hottest number was 05 18 21 which was drawn 3 times, Lottery players can pay more attention when choosing numbers.

In terms of choosing a number in the next edition, we can see from the table above that the two types of consecutive numbers and double numbers in the front area are still worthy of attention. In addition, due to the popularity of heavy numbers, the bonus need to reinforce the numbers with diagonal numbers as well Maybe the next The double numbers, consecutive numbers, and consecutive diagonal numbers in the pre-phase area may appear at the same time. In the back area, the small and large combination have released 4 of the last 5 issues, and the appearance of the entire small combination on Saturday night needs attention.

Of course, these numbers are just a reference for us when judging the prize numbers. The digital lottery is still a random game in the final analysis. We also hope that lottery friends don’t bet blindly and maintains a logical and entertaining mindset.

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